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Minnesota Volunteers

Sister District Minnesota

About our team

We established our team in 2018 and have helped elect Democrats to state legislaturive seats in Michigan and Virginia. As part of SDP's broader 2020 strategy, we're excited to be focusing on flipping the MN State Senate with the help of other teams around the country, along with local partners. Our main goal is to create a space where people can feel a sense of belonging and experience making a meaningful impact in crucial state legislative elections.

Upcoming Events

Fitting for Black History Month, on Thursday February 27 (6-730p, at the Uptown Lunds & Bylerly's community room) we'll be doing a special screening of the 37-minute documentary, 'Suppresssed: The Fight to Vote' about the Stacey Abrams campaign for GA governor and the amazing challenges encountered by voters in that election. Motivated by this film, we'll discuss what we're looking at doing in MN to help flip the State Senate blue in 2020. If you're new to political involvement, this will be a great opportunity to meet other people like you striving to protect our democracy.  *** RSVP ***

Our team in action


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Small but Mighty: Fundraising from Vermont

Geoff and Di Show: Two members of the small but mighty Southern Vermont Sister District talking about why they got involved with some innovative fundraising projects.

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Phone Banking: Conquering Your Fears, Making a Difference

Until 14, I was too shy to order pizza over the phone. I’ve not met a person who likes phone banking, at first. I know I didn’t. This article is about finding motivation, building skills, and making all the difference by phonebanking.

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