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New Jersey Volunteers

Sister District New Jersey

New Jersey

About our team

We each have our own political views.  In the midst of the daily storm of events it is difficult to decide how to mobilize.  An informed electorate with easy access to the ballot is an essential part of the process.

What to do?  Where to start?

Sister District's goal is to win power in strategic state legislatures across the nation so that we can draw fair districts in 2021 and catalyze real progressive change for the next decade.

Sister district New Jersey has been paired with our neighbor Pennsylvania, a crucial state in the next election.

We have the privilege of supporting Deb Ciamacca and Jonathan Kassa for Pennsylvania state representatives.

In the 2018 Pennsyvania House races Democrats won 54.1% of the vote yet received only 45.8% of the seats.

We are working to turn Pennsyvania blue!


Upcoming Events

Phonebank with us every Tuesday!

Click here at 6:00 PM on Tuesdays for training and join the phonebank afterwards.



Our team in action


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How the coronavirus highlights the importance of state legislatures

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Reach Out and Touch Someone (by Phone)

Our phone contact rate is up nearly 50% from the average for all of last year. The high contact rate tells us something about this moment: volunteers want to connect.

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