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New York Volunteers

Sister District New York City

Manhattan's East Side and Queens

About our team

Sister District NYC is part of a nationwide grassroots organization working to paint the electoral map blue. SDNYC covers all Manhattan and Queens voting districts—and works closely with Brooklyn and the Bronx—to raise awareness and funds for Democratic candidates in crucial swing-state districts (our “sister” districts).

We have an important mission—and our results show it works—but we also have fun, from Tiki-themed phone banking to trivia nights. To us, it takes both passion and positivity to create meaningful change. (And New Yorkers have plenty of both.)

So where do you come in?

Wherever you’re most comfortable. Whether you’re looking for a leadership role, writing postcards or making phone calls, or simply want to attend events, donate, and spread the word, just a little of your time can make a big difference.

And you can donate to Shelly Simonds and Wendy Gooditis—our 2019 candidates for the Virginia House of Delegates—right here, right now! Democrats are just two seats down from flipping both the Virginia House of Delegates and the Senate, which would make the state a Democratic trifecta. Help us get these amazing candidates elected! Every dollar counts in these small state legislature races.

Our team in action


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Canvassing in Paradise

Margaret Good, a Sister District Alum, is running for Congress this year! Sister District takes a look back at what it was like to canvass for Margaret in her Florida State House Campaign.

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Small but Mighty: Fundraising from Vermont

Geoff and Di Show: Two members of the small but mighty Southern Vermont Sister District talking about why they got involved with some innovative fundraising projects.

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