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Louisiana Volunteers

Sister District NOLA

New Orleans

About our team

Sister District NOLA volunteers work with campaigns to help with fundraising, canvassing, writing postcards, textbanking, and phonebanking. We're actively looking for volunteers to help organize phonebank parties and small-dollar fundraisers. Please shoot us an email if you're in the New Orleans area and interested!

In 2019, we're focused on the general election right here in Louisiana and next door in Mississippi, supporting Tammy Savoie (LA94) and Shanda Yates (MS64). To sign up to volunteer, click the "volunteer" button in the righthand column.

Upcoming Events

Sept. 28-Oct. 5: 8 Days of Early Voting
Vote early to make your voice heard -- and support local businesses! On the ballot this year are hugely important elections and amendments whose effects will be felt for years to come, especially as we look ahead to redistricting in 2021. Join Sister District NOLA, Action New Orleans, Indivisible NOLA, and MOVE Initiative in celebrating the #8daysofvoting, then head to your favorite locally owned businesses across the city and enjoy a special promo -- all you have to do is say "GOTV" at the register. (No proof of voting is required; friends who are undocumented, foreign citizens, under 18, or otherwise disenfranchised in Louisiana are encouraged to spread the word!) Post some love for your candidate and giveaway with #8daysofvoting to build awareness for all 8 days and we'll share your story. Let's do this! 💪

Our team in action


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The Tammy Savoie Interview

Sister District sat down with Tammy Savoie (Louisiana House of Representative Candidate, District 94), to find out more about her platform and why she is running. 

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Q&A with Shanda Yates

Sister District sat down with Shanda Yates (Mississippi House of Delegates Candidate, District 64), to find out more about her platform and why she is running. 

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