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Washington Volunteers

Sister District North Puget Sound

Snohomish County (north of Everett), Skagit County, Island County, San Juan County

About our team

Sister District North Puget Sound volunteers work with campaigns to help with fundraising, canvassing, writing postcards, textbanking, and phonebanking. We're actively looking for volunteers to help organize phonebank parties and small-dollar fundraisers. Please shoot us an email if you're in the area and interested!

In 2019, we are supporting Josh Cole and Debra Rodman running for state legislature in Virginia. You can donate directly to them by clicking "Donate to Our Candidates" on the right. To sign up to volunteer, click the "volunteer" button in the righthand column.

Upcoming Events

Our team in action


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Take Action with Sister District Puget Sound and Special Guest Rita Bosworth!

Join us and Sister District’s Executive Director Rita Bosworth to discuss why state level races are so important and how out-of-state volunteers can make a difference. We will have information on how you can get involved as well as raising funds for our Virginia candidates, Debra Rodman for State Senate and Josh Cole for House […]

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From Click-tavist to Activist: My Journey as a Sister District Project District Captain

Leading up to the 2016 election and in those chaotic months afterward, I honed my skills as a prolific click-tavist. I’m not too humble to admit that I achieved elite-level status.

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