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California Volunteers

Sister District Sacramento

Greater Sacramento

About our team


We are thrilled to introduce you to Harold Hayes, our first Sister District candidate of 2020!  Howie is running for the Pennsylvania House of Representatives in a special election that will take place on March 17.

Why This Race Is Important -- Democrats need to win 9 house seats to flip the chamber blue, and electing Howie will bring Democrats within striking distance of that in November. Plus, this is a ‘last chance’ district: whoever is elected to the PA state legislature in November 2020 will draw the next round of district lines.  And of course, Pennsylvania is a critical, perennial battleground presidential state – one of the “Big Four” states that are likely to control the outcome of the 2020 presidential election. DONATE TO HAROLD "HOWIE" HAYES NOW

About Sister District Project Sacramento

We are two combined California Congressional Districts working with Sister District Project to help flip red seats to blue!  Our main focus is on State elections in historically red states outside California, but we also work in our own blue state to help blue congressional candidates take red seats.  See below for ways to help out!

Volunteer Opportunities

Sister District Sacramento has established six teams.  We're all volunteers and we welcome your help in planning and carrying out our activities. Please contact us if you're interested - we'd love to have you join us!  Click the blue button in the upper right.

  • Outreach
  • Communications
  • Postcarding
  • Phonebanking
  • Textbanking
  • Fundraising

Upcoming Events

Sister District Sacramento holds open meetings on the 4th Saturday each month. Below are dates, locations, and tentative agenda.  CHECK BACK FOR UPDATES ON MEETING DATES, TOPICS, AND LOCATIONS.

SAVE THE DATES! for our 2020 FUNdraisers.  BUNCO!  LUAU!  OCTOBERFEST!

Sunday, May 3 -- Bunco Party (Fair Oaks)
Saturday, June 13 -- Luau (Carmichael)
Saturday, October 3 -- Octoberfest (Granite Bay)

2020 Thursdays and 2020 Sundays -- Now-Nov. 12 (2-5:30 pm)  - Letters, Postcards, Phonebanking

WHAT: Following the Swing Left Super State Strategy. First we'll be writing letters and post cards to voters in strategic states. Further along, we'll begin phoning and texting voters to assure a Democratic turnout in upcoming elections.

WHY: When Democrats show up to vote, we win elections! We are focusing on registering Democrats and electing Democrats in state legislatures, and building the registered Dems ready to turn out to keep the House, flip the Senate and take back the White House in 2020!  Hosted by Swing Left Indivisible Sacramento - Sac Mighty Oaks and 3 others.  

Location:  1033 S Street, Sacramento.  Sign up to attend or just show up!     


Sat., Feb. 22 (1-3 pm) -- Part I:  Beat the Gerrymander!

Sister District Sacramento monthly meeting.  Watch "Suppressed: The Fight to Vote" about voter suppression in Georgia.  Then write postcards to Georgia!  Colonial Heights Public Library, 4799 Stockton Blvd, Sacramento   RSVP

Sat., Mar. 28 (1-3 pm) -- Part II:  Beat the Gerrymander!

Sister District Sacramento monthly meeting.  Hear Stan Forbes, Commissioner, CA Citizens Redistricting Commission, talk about how districts are drawn fairly and what's next in our state.  Then write more postcards to Georgia!   North Natomas Public Library, 4660 Via Ingoglia St, Sacramento

Sat., Apr 25: (1 – 3) -- Candidate Kick-off (tentative):  Introduce our 2020 Candidates

Sister District Sacramento monthly meeting.  Write postcards for SDP study. Postcards - Two Primaries Voter Education Study. North Natomas Public Library, 4660 Via Ingoglia, Sacramento

Sat., May 23 (1-3 pm) -- Sister District Sacramento Monthly Meeting (TBD)

Elk Grove Public Library, 8900 Elk Grove Blvd, Elk Grove  

June 27, July 25, Aug 22, Sep 26, Oct 24 (4th Saturdays) - Location TBD

Oct 31 - Nov 3GET OUT THE VOTE

Our team in action


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