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Sister District Sacramento

Greater Sacramento

About our team

We're a lively group of volunteers with Teams conducting fundraising events, phonebanks, postcard writing, text banking and social media/communication. Join one of our Teams!  Receive our biweekly newsletter and announcements of special events. Just click on the Volunteer button on the upper right.

We are conducting all activities (except writing postcards) virtually on Zoom during the pandemic to keep our volunteers safe.  Our District is guided by the Planning Team (Above--left to right and top to bottom):  Phyllis, District Captain; Peggy, Communications and Auction Lead; Marsha, Postcard Team; Linda Paoli, Fundraising Team; Linda Noland, Phone Bank Lead; Yvonne Inouye, Postcard and Fundraising (Trivia) Teams; (Not pictured) Joy Yoshioka, Fundraising Team and Outreach; and Rebecca Bon, Social Media.


Upcoming Events

SAT, SEP  26 - General meeting (1:00 - 2:30 PM)




Ever wonder what an organizer does? Why do campaigns rely on them so much? What critical activities do organizers oversee in the final days of a campaign to increase chances for a "win"? What is Sister District doing in those final weeks to bolster the chances for Rep. Laurie Pohutsky and Christine Morse to win seats in the Michigan State House of Representatives and flip the chamber blue? Join us on September 26 to find out!

AND - AGAIN - WE WANT TO HEAR FROM YOU!  All of you are committed to making progress this year and we'll spend some time discussing your ideas and what you want to focus on in the 5-week run-up to the election.

*NOTE: Your confirmation email will come from Phyllis Cauley <>.



Virtual Phone Banks for Michigan: Join Sister District Sacramento to phone bank for its candidates for the Michigan State House. Real structural change starts at the state and local levels. Help us flip the Michigan State House blue and give Governor Whitmer one chamber to work  with!  You can also donate to help flip Michigan  blue.  Also, please take the time to read this email from Rita Bosworth, Founder, Sister  District Project about why states and  state-level elections are so critical, especially right now. 

  • Wednesday, 2:00 - 4:00 pm - High School Student Phone Bank to Win Michigan - All Welcome! Register here to phone bank for Christine Morse.  Join Sacramento Rio Young Progressives Club and Sister District Project Sacramento volunteers for an online phone bank to flip the Michigan state house blue and win Michigan for Joe Biden and Kamala Harris!
  • Wednesdays, 2:30 - 5:00 pm - Register here to phone bank to re-elect Rep. Laurie Pohutsky and keep this Michigan State House District #19 blue! 
  • Saturdays, 1:00 - 3:00 pm - Register here to phone bank for Christine Morse and flip a Michigan State House District #61 red seat blue!

THU, OCT 1 – Holiday Auction-Website Opens

SAT, OCT 10 (4-6:00 PM) – Auction-Live Event and Final Bidding

Don't want to be blue for the holidays?  Kick off your holiday shopping and create a big blue wave for November with our Holiday Auction.  Yes, we're setting up the Auction House again, following our extraordinarily successful Spring Extravaganza Auction that raised over $7,000.  Let's see if we can top that!!!

This time, we’re offering gifts for the fall and winter holidays – Halloween, Thanksgiving, Winter Festivals – whatever your celebrations.  And there will be items suitable for every budget!

You won’t want to miss this exciting, high-energy event!


SAT, OCT 24 (1-2:00 PM) – Monthly Meeting:  TBA





Our team in action


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