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California Volunteers

Sister District Sonoma West County


About our team

We made a big impact in 2021 and aim to do even more in 2022 to help keep or turn states blue and also drive votes up the ticket in key Senate, House, and Gubernatorial elections. We're actively looking now for new volunteers.  

We are based in Sebastopol with members and volunteers from West County to Santa Rosa and north to Healdsburg and Cloverdale. 

Tired of being frustrated with the news?  Join us and take action!

Click on the picture below to read more about Walk it Blue!

Recruiting at the Sebastopol Farmer's Market:
Hiking Old Camp Meeker Rd.:


Upcoming Events

Upcoming Monthly Volunteer Action Meeting: Wednesday, March 16, 2022. Email us for more information.


Monthly Meetings are held the 3rd Wednesday of each month, starting at 5pm for a social hour for those attending in person (when possible). The Zoom meeting will start at 5:45pm.


Watching what happened in Texas when a state legislature is enabled to pass all manner of regressive laws, we know how important Sister District Sonoma County West’s contribution is to help put in place progressive state governments. Our candidates still need support. Donate here.


What We’ve Been Up To

  • Members who are interested in activities that our alliances such as Indivisible, Swing Left, Democratic Party and others are planning, go to the calendar here.
  • Volunteers needed for new member recruitment at the Sebastopol Farmers Market! Please contact Elizabeth Williams Phillips. See full minutes for details.
  • Katherine Walker has provided information to help with unwanted emails. See full minutes for instructions.
  • So far in 2021, Sister District has contributed 8% of the total donations received by candidates we are fundraising for, making up 32% of the low dollar donations. Sister District volunteers have accounted for 48% of all candidate phone calls for these candidates. This compares to 2020 with 8% of candidate fundraising, and 22% of phone calls.
  • There are many ways to get involved! See the full minutes for post carding, hiking, book club, house parties, and phone banking.
  • The Sister District Team is reaching out for our support for State Bridges groups. An incredibly generous donor has agreed to provide a matching fund of $15,000 if we are able to meet our goal of $5,000. That means your gift will be TRIPLED if we hit our goal! Please consider making a contribution here.
  • What we do matters!  We are doing this for our grandchildren and their grandchildren.  Please keep participating.  Plan your actions and invite others to join you!
  • Please see the full minutes for all the details here.


Sonoma West Member Highlight: David Gill, Sebastopol


Current or past professions:

I spent my professional life in healthcare administration and am now a specialist in the licensing of radioactive materials in medicine ( In another area that deals with bureaucracy, I help executors and trustees resolve estates ( and I help people organize their affairs so they leave a fairly organized estate.



Hobbies and passions:

My passion is technology.  I love getting my hands on some new device; it really lights me up.  I also love helping people who are technologically challenged. I offer my tech support services both in the Sebastopol Area Time Bank and at the Sebastopol Public Library.  


Genesis of political activism:

I grew up on the campus of the University of Wisconsin (Madison) in the '60s. Need I say more?  Rather than label myself a liberal, I prefer to say that my focus is on fairness, justice and freedom (with limits).  I was a proud member of the "McGovern Million Member Club"!  Anyone else?  


What keeps you up at night?

Nothing. I put my head on the pillow, tell Alexa to "play Bill Evans radio on David's Pandora" and I'm asleep before the first song ends.  


How did you hear about SD?

I believe I learned about SD from my partner, Patricia, who was already a member.


What appealed to you about SD?

I thought it would be fun to work on political activities with old friends who were members (Cheryl, Susan, Mary), their spouses, and new friends I would make.  I also loved the idea of having an affect on local races, with the hope that the people we supported would rise within their states and on the national level.


How were you involved with SD during last election?

My biggest contribution to SD was stepping in during the auction to provide technical support with Google Sheets and the auction website.  I also made calls during the presidential election.  Before that I directed drivers where to park their cars at multiple SD events!



What have you learned from working with SD?

We CAN make a difference and we must do what we can to help like-minded politicians make a difference.


Goals for 2021:

Hug as many people as I can, travel more than ever, do home exchanges, recharge my political batteries to gear up for the midterm elections, lose more of my Covid pounds (down 15 already), exercise, laugh, laugh, laugh.


One thing people may be surprised to know about you?

My first job out of graduate school was Director of Public Relations and Fund Raising for Planned Parenthood Wisconsin.  Following that, I helped design and then ran an outpatient abortion clinic in Milwaukee for five years.


2020 West County Wins

Ann Johnson Stewart, Minnesota State Senate District 44

Shea Roberts, Georgia House of Representatives District 52

Dollars raised: $31,038

Phone bank calls made: 9,589

Postcards sent: 798

Covid VOTE Masks distributed: 500

Total raised to date by Sister District National for candidates: $1,837,986.94

Our team in action


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