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California Volunteers

Sister District Sonoma West County


About our team

Thank you, everyone, for all that you did to make November 2020's election a success. We made a difference. We're actively looking now for new volunteers.  

We are based in Sebastopol with members and volunteers from West County to Santa Rosa and north to Healdsburg and Cloverdale. 

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On November 8 Jeanette Dillon acknowledged founding member Karen Walker's hard work for SD by presenting her with a personal keepsake— an original signed photo of Barbara Boxer and Geraldine Ferraro, the first woman nominee for VP in 1984. Thank you Karen.

Roberta Elzey campaigning in Georgia with our Vote Mask!

Upcoming Events

2020 West County Wins

Ann Johnson Stewart, Minnesota State Senate District 44

Shea Roberts, Georgia House of Representatives District 52

Dollars raised: $31,038

Phone bank calls made: 9,589

Postcards sent: 798

Covid VOTE Masks distributed: 500

Total raised to date by Sister District National for candidates: $1,837,986.94

Our team in action


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Canvassing in Paradise

Margaret Good, a Sister District Alum, is running for Congress this year! Sister District takes a look back at what it was like to canvass for Margaret in her Florida State House Campaign.

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Small but Mighty: Fundraising from Vermont

Geoff and Di Show: Two members of the small but mighty Southern Vermont Sister District talking about why they got involved with some innovative fundraising projects.

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