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About our team

We are a group of dedicated volunteers working to change the legislative landscape around the United States. We fundraise, phone bank, write postcards, and work tirelessly to elect our candidates who will make a difference. We also participate in Sister District Action Network's research to determine best practices for increasing voter participation. Join us!

Four of our 2020 Sister District candidates will serve in their state legislatures: Nancy Guenst (PA HD152), Ann Johnson (TX HD134), Sara Rodriguez (WI AD13), and Ann Johnson Stewart (MN SD44). We're hoping that those who lost (Amanda White Eagle (WI AD92) and Lorenzo Sanchez (TX HD67)), will not fade away and continue accomplishing great things. Congratulations, our tireless volunteers!

Do you want to help us run events, fundraise, or volunteer? Let us know!

Upcoming Events

Buy at our store to support Sister District. We have masks, stamps, wood crafts, and more! See what we have!

Our team in action


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Phone Banking: Conquering Your Fears, Making a Difference

Until 14, I was too shy to order pizza over the phone. I’ve not met a person who likes phone banking, at first. I know I didn’t. This article is about finding motivation, building skills, and making all the difference by phonebanking.

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Let’s Finish the Job in Virginia

When I started Sister District on my living room couch in 2016, I thought only a few of my wonky neighbors in California would care about building Democratic power by flipping state legislative chambers. I created a simple web page with my idea for matching deep blue districts with purple ones that needed help, I […]

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