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Southern Vermont

About our team

Southern Vermont (SVT) Sister District is a group of volunteers raising money through an innovative local soup subscription project that connects local volunteer cooks with soup subscribers to enjoy delicious homemade soups and raise funds for our candidates.We also have an option for those who may not live in our area to subscribe and donate their soup to our local food shelf. You can email us for more information or click this link to subscribe: Sign up for the Southern Vermont Sister District Soup Subscription!

We have a vacation rental fundraising project that works by connecting progressive property owners with like-minded folks looking for short-term vacation rentals. Click here to learn more about the Save Our Nation Vacation project.

We also work to provide support for strategic, Democratic state races through phone banking, text banking, and sending targeted postcards to voters.  In addition, the Southern Vermont team supports Sister District Action Network with research to determine best practices for increasing voter participation. Email us to volunteer or find out more about upcoming events!

In 2019, we are supporting Larry Barnett, Hala Ayala, and John Bell running for state legislature in Virginia. You can donate directly to them by clicking "Donate to Our Candidates" on the right. To sign up to volunteer, click the "volunteer" button in the right hand column.

Upcoming Events

November 3, 2019 Sunday 4-7pm: 

Southern Vermont Sister District presents an afternoon dinner, silent vacation auction, and concert with local favorites the Seymour Sisters and Bourbon Shuffle at Next Stage in Putney, VT.

Our team in action


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Small but Mighty: Fundraising from Vermont

Geoff and Di Show: Two members of the small but mighty Southern Vermont Sister District talking about why they got involved with some innovative fundraising projects.

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