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Wisconsin Volunteers

Sister District Wisconsin

Many of us are based in the greater Madison area, and we are growing to work with volunteers throughout Wisconsin!

About our team

Sister District Wisconsin volunteers work with campaigns to help with fundraising, canvassing, writing postcards, textbanking, and phonebanking. We're actively looking for volunteers to help organize phonebank parties and small-dollar fundraisers. Please shoot us an email if you're in the Badger State and interested!

Upcoming Events

Join us with Amanda White Eagle and Deb Andraca on Monday, July 13 at 7 PM to learn about them and their visions for Wisconsin. Register here!

Save the date - we'll be hosting a trivia night on July 29 at 7 PM to support Deb!

Our team in action


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Canvassing in Paradise

Margaret Good, a Sister District Alum, is running for Congress this year! Sister District takes a look back at what it was like to canvass for Margaret in her Florida State House Campaign.

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Phone Banking: Conquering Your Fears, Making a Difference

Until 14, I was too shy to order pizza over the phone. I’ve not met a person who likes phone banking, at first. I know I didn’t. This article is about finding motivation, building skills, and making all the difference by phonebanking.

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