Tonight, we’ve already won 13 of our 14 Sister Races, and one is headed for a recount on a razor thin margin of 12 votes. We flipped the Senate in Washington to turn it into a Democratic trifecta state, and we are within striking distance of flipping the Virginia House of Delegates. Democrats also swept statewide races tonight: Governor, Lieutenant Governor, and Attorney General in Virginia and Governor in New Jersey. This is a big, beautiful, blue tidal wave — and we are going to ride it straight into 2018.

You proved that the Sister District model works. All told, we raised over $350,000 in small-dollar cash donations, another $350,000 in partnership with allied organizations, hit 100k dials and doors, wrote 30,000 postcards, and sent 185,000 text messages.

But there’s no time to rest, and we’re already at work for 2018. We’ve got our eye on chambers to flip or hold — many states are within just 1 to 4 seats. We are so grateful for your support so far, can you help us kickstart 2018?

This is what our campaigns are saying about Sister District:

“Thank you for making my dream come true . . . I love you. Please help more Democrats be elected across the country.” — Elizabeth Guzman, Delegate-elect for VA House of Delegates for District 31 (First Latina legislator in VA, along with Hala Ayala!)

“We could not have done it without you . . . We weren’t supposed to win this, but you guys believed in us.” — Jennifer Carroll Foy, Delegate-elect for VA House of Delegates for District 2 (Won her primary in a run-off by 14 votes!)

“Thank you for phonebanking, for taking a bus down to Manassas to knock doors, for the fundraiser in Manhattan, for everything. We, not just me, we did this together.” — Danica Roem, Delegate-elect for District 13 (First transgender state legislator in the country)

“We could not have done this without you. It was because of you that we won.” — Hannah Arrighi, Field Director for David Reid, Delegate-elect for District 32

“A field organizer’s dream.” — Jason Toups, Field Director for Cheryl Turpin, Delegate-elect for District 85 (Won in a district that Trump won!)

This is just the beginning. We are so proud of what the Sister District community has built, and we will continue pursuing our winning strategy of building power from the ground up. This is what election night is supposed to feel like — enjoy it!