Canvassing (knocking on doors) is the most effective way to identify supporters, persuade those on the fence, and make sure voters get to the polls. We understand that not everyone lives close enough to knock doors but, if you can, this is one of the most rewarding types of action you can take. Person-to-person interaction is exactly what we need right now to win elections and fight for progressive policies. Plus, you often get to meet the candidate herself or himself!

Curious to learn more? Read all about what it’s like from a volunteer who canvassed in Sarasota, FL for Margaret Good—our first win of 2018.

When you sign up to volunteer with us, you’ll learn more about opportunities to travel to the community of Sister Races, whether it’s across town or across the country. As with all our programs, we coordinate closely with each campaign to ensure your volunteer hours will have maximal impact.

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