Postcards For Voters

Postcards for Voters


Sending postcards to voters in swing districts has become a popular way to support campaigns from afar. It’s fun, easy, and you can do it right at home.

In 2017, Sister District volunteers wrote over 40,000 postcards to voters!


We ask all our candidates if they are interested in doing a postcard drive with us. If they are, we work with directly the campaign to develop all the necessary information for our volunteers—a script or talking points, voter addresses, postcard design, goals and timeline for the drive, and so forth. Then, we deliver a package with specific directions and materials to our District Captains, who will help to coordinate postcarding efforts for their teams.

As with all our programs, we are committed to working directly with the campaigns to provide them with exactly what they need and want. You can rest assured that your hard work will be strategic and focused—not redundant, or worse, unintentionally detrimental.

If you’re looking for a good place to purchase appropriate postcards in bulk at a low price, please check out our online shop, or purchase directly:

Vote! Collage – Postcards for Voters

Postcards for Voters (Color)


Whoever buys stamps or postcards may need to fill out an in-kind donation form so the campaign can report it for compliance purposes. Please check with your district captains for the proper compliance procedure for the state in which you are writing postcards.