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State Legislatures Matter.

At Sister District, we stress the importance of state-level legislatures and representatives because they can most directly impact our daily lives and the health of our environment through the adoption of progressive policies; as we saw in Virginia under a Democratic Majority. That’s where progressives and grassroots organizations can make a real difference! Remember, state policy becomes federal policy over time, and state officials have immense power over your ability to exercise the right to vote

As Co-founders Dr. Gaby Goldstein and Lala Wu told Queer Eye’s Jonathan Van Ness on his podcast “Getting Curious”, there are no off-years at the state level, elections happen every year. The sad truth is that many people aren’t paying attention state-level politics or even voting in local elections, allowing Republicans to use it to their advantage, unilaterally pushing through harmful policies and laws that impact our everyday lives. Our featured events will help you to stay engaged with what is happening in the political landscape and learn more about how you can get involved!  

Upcoming events include the State Bridges series, a discussion series with grassroots non-profits around the country that are working year-round to build progressive power in their communities. We also host lots of volunteer opportunities, online and in-person, to support progressive candidates, get out the vote (GOTV), and build community with one another while working to flip state legislative seats blue!

Missed an event or what to see what we’ve been up to? Not to worry! Check out our blog or our media library which includes recordings and transcripts for some of our past events!