Our Candidates

Since 2016, we have endorsed candidates in 177 races across 18 states, 115 of whom won and have gone on to fight for progressive issues in their state legislatures. We’ve raised $5.9 million in small-dollar donations directly for our candidates, and reached out to more than 4.4 million voters through phones, texts, postcards, and door knocks.

2024 Candidates will be announced in the spring

Building Progressive Power in the States

As Co-Founder Dr. Gaby Goldstein told Jonathan Van Ness on his podcast Getting Curious, there are no off-years in state elections. The work needed to build progressive power and Democratic majorities in state legislatures is continuous and here at Sister District, we are committed to that work and so are the candidates we support. 

State legislatures matter because the laws and policies they adopt directly impact our daily lives, such as wage laws, land use policy, healthcare, election management, voting laws, redistricting, education, and infrastructure investments. By helping progressive candidates win state elections, we aim to protect voting rights, end gerrymandering, protect vulnerable or marginalized communities, enact climate actions and environmental justice now, racial and gender equity, reform the criminal justice system, end the school-to-prison pipeline, protect reproductive rights, help workers and farmers benefit from the economy, and so much more. This is all possible through grassroots organizing, collective action, and increased civic engagement. Take action now; we’ll help you! Find your team or Give to support the work.