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Our impact

We have endorsed candidates in 177 races across 18 states, 115 of whom won and have gone on to fight for progressive issues in their state legislatures. We’ve raised $5.9 million in small-dollar donations directly for our candidates, and reached out to more than 4.4 million voters through phones, texts, postcards, and door knocks.

A Message From The Director

Dear friends, 

As we unveil the 2023 Impact Report, I am filled with tremendous gratitude for what we have achieved together in the past year. This report not only highlights our accomplishments, but also reflects the unwavering dedication of the Sister District community to our mission of building durable power in state legislatures. 

This year, our volunteer firepower was on full display. Not only were we a top ten donor to all ten of our endorsed candidates as of Election Day, but we were also some of their biggest early backers, driving an average of 8% of our candidates’ spring and summer fundraising. And we hit the phones starting in May, making an average of 43% of our campaigns’ calls to voters. Every conversation added depth and accuracy to the voter data, unlocking efficient and laser-targeted Get Out The Vote efforts for Election Day. This outsized grassroots impact enabled us to build trust with our candidates and their staff so that we could ensure the use of best practices informed by evidence and experience, tailored to the local needs of each district

In close races, it comes down to the margin of effort—to who works harder to turn out voters. And our volunteers put in this effort, one voter at a time. Barbara’s call motivated a woman to go vote immediately while still on the phone. Susan’s conversation about LGBTQ+ rights with a voter led to a change of heart in support of Joshua Cole.


Rebekka’s encouragement turned a voter from hesitant to eager, even inspiring them to volunteer. And after 54 calls with no answer, Lyra had two conversations with undecided voters who wanted to learn more about Lashrecse Aird. 

This synergy of passion and strategy is how we flipped the Virginia House and defended the Senate, which has real consequences for people of the Commonwealth. Virginia is the last state in the South without a post-Roe abortion ban. Now it will continue to be a safe haven for people seeking an abortion, and Democratic majorities will hold the line against Republicans’ MAGA agenda.

But we know the work doesn’t stop with Election Day. I invite you to read through the rest of this report for more details about our support for candidates in Virginia, as well as our programs that are laying the groundwork in key battlegrounds like Arizona and Wisconsin, with blockbuster elections just around the corner this November.

The path ahead is filled with opportunities to make an even greater impact. Your unwavering support and commitment are the bedrock of our continued success where it matters most—in the states.

With gratitude,


Lala Wu
Co-Founder & Executive Director

Sister District went above and beyond to support their endorsed candidates early, helping to get campaigns off the ground and build momentum at a critical time. It was incredible to have them as a dedicated partner for the fourth time in Virginia.

– Amy Friedman, Executive Director, Virginia House Democratic Caucus

2023: A year in review


of 10 candidates won


average raised of each candidates’ early money


State Bridges partners+


fellowships for rising star organizers


volunteer team events


average of our candidates’ early calls to voters made by us


of our calls made before Sept 1


of candidate money raised before Sept 1


raised for candidates and movement organizations++


voters reached out to

Metrics are associated with Sister District Project (“SDP”) (527/PAC) unless noted with an ++, indicating cumulative impact of SDP and Sister District Action Network (“SDAN”) (501(c)(4)) or +, indicating SDAN.

“Sister District is the most effective political organization in the country.”

Delegate-Elect Phil Hernandez

Our Programs

At Sister District, we are obsessed with state legislatures because of the outsized impact they have on every issue we care about, from abortion to climate to democracy itself. Our north star is building power in key states every year this decade to put us in the strongest position possible for redistricting in 2031. To do this, we win urgent elections each cycle and build infrastructure for the long term. Below is an overview of our programs.


Volunteer Firepower: Dollars, dials, and more to support majority-making candidates

Campaign Services: Technical assistance and evidence-based support to power excellent campaigns

Fellows Program: Preparing students and career-switchers for jobs in organizing 

Future Winners: Training and community for candidates who lost but should run again


Purple District Network: Strategizing with frontline lawmakers to build power, even if not in the majority

State Power Table: Convening national organizations supporting state lawmakers with SiX and the Pipeline Fund (non-partisan)

State Bridges: Fundraising and awareness for state partners doing year-round organizing in battleground states

Narrative Change: Elevating the power and promise of state legislatures through media and think tanks (non-partisan)

Research: Deep research on the “hidden turnout problem” of down-ballot roll-off—when voters don’t vote all the way down the ballot (non-partisan)

Our work this year spanned all of our target states, but we focus on three in this report: Virginia, Arizona, and Wisconsin. We also highlight accomplishments from our alumni. A full compendium of facts and figures can be found in the Program Stats section in the PDF download

Sister District’s work to build power in state legislatures is crucial to building a healthy, inclusive democracy. State legislatures are at the front lines of the voting rights fight, and we must invest in work at the state level to protect democracy up and down the ballot. Schusterman Family Philanthropies is proud to partner with Sister District on their work to educate, empower, and advance state legislators while building political power for women.

—Stacy Schusterman, Chair, Charles and Lynn Schusterman Family Philanthropies

Winning Virginia

How we got here

As the place where we first cut our teeth in 2017, the Commonwealth is near and dear to our hearts—and it has been a rollercoaster ride ever since. Six years ago, Democrats came within one vote of flipping the Virginia House. In 2019, we returned to flip both chambers and secure a Democratic trifecta, ushering in two years of historic legislation, including ratifying the ERA, banning the death penalty, legalizing recreational cannabis, and passing gun safety reforms. Then in 2021, Dems lost the Governorship and the House—by just 733 votes.

What happened this year

2023 was our fourth election year in Virginia, and we propelled 8 of our 10 candidates to victory, flipping the Virginia House and defending the Senate.  Our careful targeting paid off, and we endorsed 2 of 3 tipping point races in the House and 3 of 3 in the Senate.

Our impact

Sister District played a key role in these victories. Because our grassroots donors give directly to candidates, we don’t show up on campaign finance reports. But collectively, Sister District was one of the top ten donors to every single one of our candidates—in many cases, the top five. And on average, Sister District made 43% of our candidates’ phone calls to voters, freeing up candidates and local staff for their highest-value conversations on the doors. We paired this outsized grassroots firepower with professional support, informed by best practices and tailored for the unique circumstances of each race. This support was game-changing where some tipping point races were decided by less than 1,000 votes. 

Why it matters

Virginia is the last state in the South without an extremist abortion ban since Roe v. Wade was overturned in 2022. These wins mean that the Commonwealth will remain a safe haven for those seeking reproductive care. And Democrats are now well positioned to win back the Governor’s Mansion and retake a trifecta in 2025.

$2,263,469 Raised for SDP endorsed Virginia candidates and SDAN State Bridges partner New Virginia Majority since 2017

Reached out to 1,760,293 Voters in Virginia since 2017

Meet our 2023 Candidates 

  • Lashrecse Aird – SD 13 (Win)
  • Schuyler VanValkenburg – SD 16 (Win)*
  • Danica Roem – SD 30 (Win)*
  • Russet Perry – SD 31 (Win)*
  • Travis Nembhard – HD 22 (Loss)
  • Amy Laufer – HD 55 (Win)
  • Susanna Gibson – HD 57 (Loss)
  • Joshua Cole – HD 65  (Win)*
  • Phil Hernandez – HD 94 (Win)
  • Michael Feggans – HD 97 (Win)*

*indicate tipping point seats (candidates in the three closest races in each chamber)

Our impact makes majorities

  • Raised $553,463 in small dollar donations for candidates
  • Top ten donor to each of our 10 candidates as of Election Day
  • Reached out to 377,435 voters by phone, text, postcards, and doors
  • Average of 8% of our candidates’ money before Sept 1
  • Average of 67% of our candidates’ phone calls before Sept 1
  • Average of 43% of our candidates’ total calls to voters
  • Threw 554 team events for candidates
  • Completed more than 40 special projects through our Campaign Services program

Sister District was a vital partner to our success holding the Democratic majority in the Virginia Senate. Their early support of key legislative targets allowed us to ensure successful pivots to general elections from their endorsed candidates that had succeeded in their primary bids.  We are grateful for the support of all of your volunteers nationwide.

Matt Calderon – Campaigns Director, Virginia Senate Democratic Caucus

Building power through local partners (SDAN)

SDAN’s State Bridges program helps us lay the groundwork for electoral victories in key states by elevating the profile of and fundraising for local power-building organizations and the activists that lead them. Since launching this program in 2021, we have raised over half a million dollars for our partner organizations, including more than $50,000 for New Virginia Majority. Many of our volunteers also go on to become loyal donors, growing our partners’ networks of supporters nationwide. For more data on our State Bridges program, see the Program Stats section in the PDF download.

The partnership has given us more opportunities to talk about our work and increase our grassroots individual donor base, something we have been trying to do for the past several years.

– Tram Nguyen, Co-Executive Director of New Virginia Majority

Supporting frontline legislators (SDAN)

Winning an election is just the beginning. SDAN’s Purple District Network (PDN) is the only state legislator network exclusively focused on providing support to state legislators in swing districts. Frontline legislators face challenges that are distinct from their colleagues. Our new Virginia members are joining a flourishing community for peer-to-peer learning with lawmakers from other states to  exchange ideas and tools so they can best serve their communities.

PDN Virginia legislators

  • Lashrecse Aird SD-13 (’21, ’23)
  • Joshua Cole HD-65 (’19, ’21, ’23)
  • Ghazala Hashmi SD-15 (’19)
  • Michelle Maldonado HD-20
  • Briana Sewell HD-25 (’21)

Also this year, Purple District Network launched a Black Women’s Caucus to create dedicated space for this increasingly powerful group of legislators. The caucus has three co-chairs, one of which is Virginia Delegate Briana Sewell. For more about PDN, see the Program Stats section in the PDF download

Telling stories to inspire action

State legislatures are growing ever more powerful, but many voters are still overly-focused on the federal level. In fact, our research has shown that voters on the left tend to drop off the ballot at a higher rate than voters on the right. That’s why this year, SDAN launched an ambitious new program to deploy resonant, emotionally compelling stories to elevate the power and promise of states. We produce, distribute, and amplify great content and thought leadership to educate and inspire voters, activists, and the next generation of political leaders.

Engaging New Audiences Online

Sister District’s Reach

  • Partnered with digital mega-brands, reaching over 15.3 million followers combined.
  • Sister District’s organic digital presence reached an average of over 49k monthly, with a focus on Virginia in 2023.

Viral Campaign with Delegate Danica Roem:

  • Amplified Delegate Roem’s speech against anti-trans bills in the Virginia legislature.
  • Edited and shared a video of the speech, resulting in over half a million views across social media.
  • Collaborated with Instagram brand @feminist and activist Olivia Juliana to boost video reach organically.

Partnership with Jonathan Van Ness:

  • Highlighted the importance of downballot voting in Virginia with Queer Eye star Jonathan Van Ness.
  • Featured a podcast interview on Curious Now with Sister District co-founders Lala Wu and Lyzz Schwegler.
  • Included story features and posts on Curious Now social channels.

Collaboration with @Impact:

  • Focused on Virginia being the last Southern state without significant abortion restrictions.
  • Utilized story sets and posts on @impact’s broadcast channel.
  • Achieved 80,340 impressions, 8,360 actions, and nearly 500 new volunteer sign-ups.

Inspiring Tomorrow’s Leaders with Teen Vogue (SDAN)

In its first year, a cornerstone of our narrative change work was a non-partisan partnership with Teen Vogue for the “Historic Firsts in our State Houses” series, which uplifts inspiring state legislators with a focus on women, people of color, young folks, LGBTQIA+ folks, and folks from non-traditional backgrounds. So far this year, Sister District has helped to publish nine pieces in Teen Vogue, which has a digital footprint of 12 million.  

The series included an op-ed by Virginia Delegate Irene Shin, the first Korean-American woman elected to the House of Delegates, who wrote about being inspired to service by her father who had to travel to Korea to receive the cancer care he needed, the many accomplishments of the Virginia legislature after Democrats took a trifecta in 2019, and overcoming stereotypes and adversity.

The problem is that for far too long, our legislative bodies have failed to reflect the diverse communities they serve. Until recently, most policymakers were wealthy white men and the laws they passed reflected their lived experiences, not ours.

– Delegate Irene Shin, Teen Vogue

Laying the Groundwork in Arizona

How we got here

Traditionally a Republican stronghold, changing demographics and shifting political dynamics have made Arizona a swing state. Arizona voted for Joe Biden in 2020, which was the first time the state had gone for a Democratic presidential candidate in more than two decades. In 2022, Democrats won a critical U.S. Senate election with Mark Kelly (D) by 5 points. The state’s presidential primaries are held in March, which could give an early indicator of 2024 voter sentiment within the state. 

Multi-cycle investments

Sister District has invested in Arizona since 2018. We’ve endorsed 14 candidates over three cycles, resulting in 8 wins that held the line against Republican efforts to expand their majorities. Because of this work, we will have an opportunity to flip both chambers with just two seats in both the House and the Senate in 2024.

Since 2018 we have:

Raised $850,258 for candidates and power-building organizations 

Reached out to 292,953 Arizona voters

When Sister District Project began in 2016, Arizona was deep red. I joined SDP in 2017 because the founders opened my eyes to the outsized role state legislative races played in all our lives, no matter where we live.

Back then, Republicans held every statewide executive office, both Senate seats, and huge majorities in the state legislature. In 2020, SDP’s support for state legislators delivered the 10,457 votes Biden needed to clinch AZ.

Today, every statewide executive office is Democratic, neither Senate seat is Republican, and we’re only two seats from Dem majorities in both chambers. As we head into what is (now) the most important election of our lives, 2024 is the year we can finally tip the AZ state legislature from red to blue. And there’s no other grassroots group of volunteers—many now friends—I’d rather be fighting for our freedoms with, than Sister District Project!

–Natalie Burdick, Sister District San Francisco District Captain

State Lawmakers in the Limelight (SDAN)

The first piece  in the Teen Vogue “historic firsts” series featured our 2022 endorsed candidate Arizona State Representative Lorena Austin. Lorena is the first Chicanx gender-nonconforming state legislator in the country. Amplifying voices like Lorena’s help us change the narrative about what is possible at the state level.

If you had told someone that a brown queer person was going to win a state race in Mesa, I don’t think a lot of people would have believed you[…] I really wanted to redefine what a politician looks like, because I think it should be someone from your community that can relate and knows what’s going on.

– Arizona Representative Lorena Austin in Teen Vogue

Building power through local partners (SDAN)

As in Virginia, we supported community-based partner organizations doing year-round work in Arizona through SDAN’s State Bridges program. In 2023, we supported Living United for Change in Arizona (LUCHA) for the third time and Rural Arizona Action (RAZA) for the second time, bringing our total raised for them to more than $90,000. For more information about all eight of our 2023 State Bridges partners, please see the Program Stats section in the PDF download.

We are so proud to have worked with Sister District this past year. You all were a huge part of us winning in the state, and we want to thank you for all the work that you do. Your constant and unwavering commitment to us is such an asset.

– Alejandra Gomez, Executive Director of LUCHA

The best thing about working with Sister District is the tangible reminder that we are all part of something bigger. That what we do or don’t do in Arizona has a ripple effect that reverberates across the country. Our fates are tied; it benefits us ALL to fight like hell, for ALL.

– Natali Fierros Bock, Co-Executive Director of RAZA

The SDAN Purple District Network is the only state legislator network exclusively focused on providing support to state legislators in frontline districts. For more about PDN, see the Program Stats section in the PDF download

  • Lorena Austin: LD-9 (’22)
  • Judy Schwiebert: LD-2 (’20)
  • Seth Blattman: LD-9
  • Christine Marsh: SD-4

The gathering space provided within the Purple District Network has become not just a hub for strategy but a thriving community. With Sister District, it’s not just about winning elections; it’s about winning for the people.

– Arizona Representative Lorena Austin

Building Momentum in Wisconsin

How we got here

Wisconsin is infamous for having one of the most egregious partisan gerrymanders ever, with Republicans holding a supermajority in the Senate and a near-supermajority in the Assembly, even though the state voted for Biden in 2020 and Democrats won every statewide race in 2018. 

Redistricting turmoil and promising new maps

One of the most dramatic elections of 2023 was for the Wisconsin Supreme Court, which was held in April. Judge Janet Protasiewicz’s victory flipped the court’s majority from 4-3 conservative to liberal. Then, at the end of 2023, the state Supreme Court ruled 4-3 that the current maps violated the state constitution and would need to be redrawn. Republicans have pledged to take the fight all the way to the conservative U.S. Supreme Court, but as of this writing Democrats have the potential for a groundbreaking year in 2024.

Multi-cycle investments

Sister District has been working in Wisconsin since 2020. We’ve endorsed 6 candidates over two cycles, resulting in 5 wins that have prevented Republicans from gaining supermajorities that could override the Democratic Governor’s veto. Even with electoral maps still uncertain, 2024 is our fourth year working in the state and we are poised to hit the ground running.

Since 2020 we have raised $353,463 for candidates and power-building organizations, and reached out to 96,376 Wisconsin voters!

Where we’re going

As in Arizona and our other 2024 target states, there were no state legislative candidates to endorse in 2023, but there was still plenty of work to do. We directed additional resources to our State Bridges partners helping to elect Judge Protasiewicz, and strengthened the candidate pipeline through our Future Winners program in anticipation of new maps. 

There is never enough time, money or volunteers for any political campaign, but down ballot elections have very little to work with in terms of campaign resource. The work we did mattered.

–Sheila M., Greater Chicago

Building power through local partners (SDAN)

2023 was our third year supporting power-building organizations in Wisconsin through SDAN’s State Bridges program. We supported Citizen Action of Wisconsin in 2021, 2022, and 2023; and WISDOM in 2022 and 2023, raising more than $70,000 for the two organizations. We leveraged our digital channels to draw attention to and raise money for these partners working tirelessly to support Judge Protasiewicz’s bid for the Wisconsin Supreme Court. Our overall digital fundraising in the weeks prior to this election jumped 26%—a clear indication of grassroots interest in ending gerrymandering and protecting abortion rights.

Preparing for new maps with Future Winners

Our bi-annual Future Winners program, established by Sister District and run in partnership with EMILY’s List and the DLCC for 2023, works to shore up the pipeline of progressive state legislative candidates by continuing to invest in developing exceptional candidates who came up a bit short in their last run.

As a reflection of the incredible opportunities that would be afforded to Democrats with new, competitive maps, former candidates from Wisconsin made up our largest Future Winners cohort from any single state. Of our 28 participants in 2023, six were from Wisconsin: LuAnn Bird, Lynne Parrott, Leah Spicer, Laura Gapske, Jessica Katzenmeyer, and Nathan M. Jurowski. 

Our sessions covered topics from budgeting and fundraising to field strategy and campaign communications. We also held office hours, and many candidates took advantage of these to do a deep-dive into their past campaigns and future plans. For more on Future Winners, see the Program Stats section in the PDF download

Without being a State Bridges partner we would not have been able to achieve nearly half the great things we achieved over the past few years. Thank you Sister District and State Bridges!

– Priscilla Bort, Movement Politics Director of Citizen Action

Sister District is willing to be concerned with the ‘small picture.’ While others have their sights set on the biggest, splashiest races and campaigns, Sister District helps grassroots people to have an impact on their local communities and local races.

– David Liners, Executive Director of WISDOM

The insights from other candidates were very helpful. I also felt their passion.  Everyone was so kind and considerate. Collectively we can change the world!

– LuAnn Bird, 2022 WI Assembly candidate and Future Winners participant 2023

Alumni in Action

Virginia, Arizona, and Wisconsin are just a few of our target states. Next year, we will also return to presidential and democracy battlegrounds like Georgia, Michigan, Nevada, North Carolina, and Pennsylvania. As we look ahead, we also look back at some additional highlights from our alum across the country.

Legislative Victories


With a new Democratic trifecta, 2023 was an unprecedented year for ambitious, progressive legislation passed in Michigan. Sister District has endorsed 9 candidates over 3 cycles, and supported 2 power-building organizations through SDAN’s State Bridges program. We were thrilled to see the hard work pay off with such trailblazing initiatives as:

  • Bold climate action. Passed important climate legislation with the Clean Energy Future Package and Clean Energy and Jobs Act. The bills included key recommendations from Governor Gretchen Whitmer’s MI Healthy Climate Plan, which charts a path towards 100% carbon neutrality by 2050. Michigan is now one of the top 5 states for clean energy commitments.
  • Codifying reproductive rights. Passed the Reproductive Health Act (RHA) after voters approved Proposal 3, which preserves reproductive freedom (including abortion) in the state constitution. The RHA also ends laws designed to close abortion providers, bans against medically-necessary late term abortion, and workplace discrimination against abortion seekers.
  • Repealing right-to-work. Became the first state ever to repeal its right-to-work law, which had hamstrung unions in the state since 2012. The initiative was led by Sister District alum Darrin Camilleri, whose parents met as auto workers in Detroit.
  • Enshrining LGBTQIA+ rights. Codified LGBTQIA+ protections into the state’s civil rights law, permanently outlawing discrimination on the basis of sex or gender identity in employment, housing, public accommodations and education.
  • Sweeping gun safety reform. Passed a package of 11 bills added life-saving measures like background checks, safe storage laws, raising purchasing age, and red flag laws.
  • Healthcare expansion. Part of the Affordable Care Act was written into Michigan law, including coverage for essential care, banning coverage caps, and allowing young people to stay on their parents’ healthcare until the age of 26.


While Democrats control both chambers of the Nevada legislature, Republican Governor Lombardo does have veto power. Still, Democrats were able to pass meaningful legislation:

  • Protecting the democratic process. Expanded voting access on tribal lands and in jails, protections for election workers from intimidation and interference, and resources to help local administrators run elections more smoothly.
  • Investing in education. Passed the state’s largest K-12 budget ever—pledging to spend more than $2.7 billion over the next two years.
  • Reproductive healthcare protections. Laws protecting out-of-state abortion patients, and requiring insurance providers to cover treatment for gender dysphoria.

Alumni Accomplishments

In 2023, Sister District alumni from 2017-2022 championed policies that reverberated nationwide. From Washington state to North Carolina, these legislators are gaining and wielding power to advance legislation that is reshaping America, one bill at a time.

(new Dem trifecta in 2022)

Senator Darrin Camilleri (’22) led a historic repeal of the state’s right-to-work law, fortifying worker rights and unionization.

Senator Winnie Brinks (’18) made history as the first-ever female Majority Leader of the Michigan Senate.

Senator Mallory McMorrow (’18) was selected as Senate Majority Whip.

Representative Laurie Pohutsky (’18) was appointed Speaker pro tempore of the House of Representatives.

(defended Dem majorities in 2022)

Assemblywoman Daniele Monroe-Moreno (’22) was selected as the Speaker pro tempore of the Nevada Assembly and elected as the first Black woman chair of the Nevada Democratic Party.

Assemblywoman Brittany Miller (’22) amplified doula services in rural areas and enabled detained individuals to register and vote. 

(new Dem trifecta in 2018)

Senator Faith Winter (’18) spearheaded a groundbreaking initiative to expand the state’s anti-workplace harassment laws, improving the lives of workers across the state. 

(new Dem trifecta in 2018)

Senator Emily Randall (’18) blazed a trail passing progressive legislation like crisis relief centers, updated voter registration, enhanced pay for public servants, and safeguarding reproductive rights. Sen. Randall also announced she is running for Congress in 2024.

(ended Republican supermajority in 2018)

Amidst nationwide efforts to restrict and ban access to reproductive healthcare, Representative Ann Johnson (’18) fought hard to pass bills shielding medical professionals from prosecution and extending insurance coverage for contraceptive drugs, putting Republicans on the record in opposing these popular measures.

Moving on up

State legislatures are a critical resource in the pipeline of developing national leadership. For example, nearly half of all presidents first held state legislative office, and about half of all members of Congress. This year, Sister District alumni are making waves as they aim for higher offices. We endorsed almost all of these candidates in their very first runs for public office, and our early support was critical to building their name recognition and viability. 

Washington State Senator Emily Randall

Running for Congress in 2024. She would be the first LGBTQ+ person to serve in the state’s Congressional delegation, the first openly LGBTQ+ Latina to serve in Congress, and one of fewer than ten openly queer women to ever be elected to Congress. Sister District supported her as a first-time candidate in 2018.

Washington State Senator Manka Dhingra

Running for Washington State Attorney General. Dhingra is the first Sikh elected to any state legislature in the United States, and would be the first person of color, and only the second woman, to serve as Washington AG. Sister District supported her as a first-time candidate in 2017.

Virginia Delegate Danica Roem

Elected to the Virginia Senate, making her the first out transgender State Senator in the South. Her win is especially important in a region that continues to restrict or outright ban reproductive and transgender healthcare and criminalize LGBTQ+ youth. Sister District supported her as a first-time candidate in 2017, and in her bid for moving up to the State Senate in 2023.

Virginia Delegate Briana Sewell

Running for Virginia’s 7th Congressional District. This will be one of the most hotly contested races in the nation. Sister District supported Sewell in 2021.

Virginia Delegate Elizabeth Guzman

Also running for Virginia’s 7th Congressional District. We are proud to have more than one alumnae running. Sister District supported Guzman as a first-time candidate in 2017.

Virginia Delegate David Reid

Running for Congress in District 10. He’ll face tough competition, with eight Democrats and two Republicans already declared in the race. Sister District supported Reid as a first-time candidate in 2017.

Sister District was absolutely a key part of how we won this race. They were involved every step of the way, just like they were involved in my race in 2017. The fundraising, phone calls, texts, and postcards from afar enabled my team to prioritize face-to-face conversations on the doors. From day one to Election Day, Sister District had my back.

– Virginia Senator-Elect Danica Roem


From all of us at Sister District, thank you for dedicating your time to save our democracy, for believing in our candidates, and for working toward a brighter future. As a grassroots organization, we know we are nothing without your endless support and hard work.

Whether you’ve been here since the beginning, donated a dollar here or there, or joined a phonebank this year-we want to thank you! Thank you for dedicating your time to save our democracy, for believing in our candidates, and for working toward a brighter future. Onward to 2024!

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