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The Sister District Perspective

Why do state legislatures matter for enacting progressive change nationwide? What issues matter to Sister District candidates? Can Democratic majorities end gerrymandering, defend voting rights, protect reproductive rights, enact climate action? Does volunteering to phonebank, canvass, or write postcards to voters make a difference?

These are important questions and we’re here to shed some light on these pressing issues, as well as keep you up to date on upcoming elections and important developments. Our talented team includes lawyers, academics, advocates, community leaders, and many others who contribute their skills and brainpower to building Democratic representation in state legislatures. We discuss these important issues, interview our candidates, talk about current events, and share our research findings. 


Research and Experiments

Our very own Dr. Mallory Roman and Co-Founder/Attorney Gaby Goldstein break down the Sister District Action Network’s research concerning civic engagement, voter messaging, and much more. Dr. Mallory Roman earned her Ph.D. in Social Psychology at Duke University. Gaby Goldstein studied at the Boston University School of Law and earned her Ph.D. in Health Policy at the Univ. of California, Berkeley.

Political Strategy

Where data and research meet with passion and experience. Building progressive power in state legislatures can be done and we’ll show you how! Jump in to learn more about how we organize and mobilize voters nationwide for the 2022 midterms, even in traditionally “red states”  like Texas and Georgia.

Thought Leadership

Hear from our lead Strategists, Attorneys, Researchers, Organizers, and Communications experts. What are they seeing? What do they want people to know about state elections and building progressive power?

Candidates and Races

Candidates and campaign field managers discuss pressing issues, policy matters, and also gain insight into the real person running for public office, not just the politician.

Policy and Issues

Reproductive Rights? Voting Rights? Supreme Court rulings? Policy seems to be changing daily! What does it mean and what can you do? Here we discuss developing policy matters and why what happens in one state matters in another.

From the field

Hear firsthand accounts from organizers, candidates, volunteers, and political strategists working with the public and on the political front lines. Why do they do this work, what do they love about it, and what advice do they have?