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Our passionate volunteers are the very heart and soul of everything we do here at Sister District. They are regular people who, like many of our Co-founders, could not look away or stand idly by as the extreme-right actively degrades our Civil and Reproductive Rights, as well as the democratic process as a whole. From coast to coast, Sister District volunteers hail from towns and cities all over the country, representing all age groups, demographics, backgrounds, and genders. Collective action at work! Our volunteers care deeply about democracy and supporting others in the fight to protect our rights from erosion while also pushing for the embrace of progressive policies that will move the country toward a better future for the next generation.

Sister District Affiliates

Affiliates are self-organized groups that do some (or all) of their work on behalf of Sister District, and some with other organizations or campaigns. No matter the size, if your group would like to expand the reach and breadth of their grassroots efforts while working for progressive causes, we would love to connect with you!

Interested in learning more about becoming a Sister District Affiliate?  Check out these useful resources to discover more about what an Affiliate does, frequently asked questions, or complete the Affiliate Interest Form and we’ll be in contact soon! For general inquiries please use this form to contact us.

Don’t see a team in your area?

Not to worry! Just get in contact with us and we’ll help you get connected with a team.

We can even help you start a Sister District Team in your area or become a Volunteel Leader yourself!  Read more about what it takes (hint: not much!) as volunteer Scott Kerman details his journey from social media “click-tavist” to a Volunteer leader.

“I have met, been inspired by, and learned from a number of local activists I would not have met if I hadn’t become a District Captain. Many of these individuals have become friends, and there have been countless times when we have held one another up, rescued one another from calamity, and fostered connections that have made all of us stronger as a whole.” 

For more information about what our volunteers do, check out our volunteer activities page to learn about canvassing, phonebanking, postcarding, and much more! Also, check out this photo gallery documenting “a month in the life” of our volunteers. Together, we’re building a better future, combating voter suppression, protecting reproductive rights, and so much more. Take action with us!

Hear directly from our volunteers in the field:

From the Field
Amy Stern

What to Expect When You’re Canvassing

Canvassing is not always so rewarding. Sometimes, you may knock on three or four doors in a row and get no answer. Each time there’s no answer, you leave a flyer at a house to remind the occupants to vote for your candidate, and you hope they will read it. Then it’s on to the next house, which you reach just as the person you want to talk to is driving away. Maybe she will roll down her car window to ask what you’re doing. You’ll tell her you’re there to ask for her support for your candidate. And maybe she’ll tell you, “No, we don’t vote.” (Even though her name is on your list of registered voters.)

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From the Field
Juliet Eastland

Why Are States So Important?

State Elections Matter. It’s times like this when this mantra goes from aspirational to undeniable. Because depending on where you live in the US, the past two weeks have been either a disaster or a victory for women’s health.

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