Student Opportunities

Work with us in 2020!

Be an Organizing Fellow.

Organizing Fellows will assist the Organizing Department in creating new volunteer teams and supporting the continued capacity development of existing teams nationwide. Fellows will learn and hone vital field organizing skills with the guidance of seasoned campaign operatives with a combined two decades of experience in advocacy and electoral organizing. All work is performed remotely. Time commitment is 5.5 hours per week, including two 30-min calls each week. Specific work schedule is flexible. $500 stipend.

Apply for the Spring 2021 Term, March 1 – May 14!

Be a Student Organizer.

With training, mentoring and guidance from members of Sister District’s Organizing Department staff, Student Organizers will acquire and hone skills to prepare for staff and volunteer roles on campaigns and electoral-focused field programs. Training calls and check-ins will focus on continuous improvement in core areas of organizing, including recruitment, retention, and voter contact efficiency. If we like your work, you’ll be fast-tracked for consideration for our Organizing Fellows program.

2021 courses will run monthly, May – September. We’ll release course descriptions and begin accepting applications in January!

College and High School Democrat Affiliates

What is a Sister District Affiliate?
A Sister District Affiliate is an independent group like a College or High School Democrats chapter that supports Sister District candidates as a complement to its other progressive activities.

How does being an Affiliate work?

  1. Your chapter designates 1-2 of its leaders to be “HQ Liaisons” to interface with Sister District staff and coordinate actions
  2. Fill out the Affiliate Interest Form and staff will be in contact
  3. Sister District assigns candidates to your chapter to support over the entire election cycle. The amount of that support is up to you. We hope you’ll devote whatever time and energy you can to helping those candidates!
  4. Liaisons receive a twice-monthly email newsletter with ideas and resources for actions
  5. Your chapter can easily plan and execute actions such as phonebanks or textbanks using Sister District infrastructure and staff support

Sister District’s full array of field and fundraising activities are available to Affiliates, and most activities can be conducted remotely, in line with social distancing during COVID-19. All of our action items are developed in coordination with the campaigns so you know that it’s exactly what the campaigns need.

Why be an Affiliate with Sister District?
With your existing group infrastructure of passionate, enthusiastic and driven student activists, College and High School Dems chapters are in a position to make an outsized impact for state legislative candidates and drive votes to Dems up the ballot in 2020. Additional reasons to focus on states and become an Affiliate with Sister District include:

Maximize Your Impact.

A few thousand calls isn’t even a drop in the bucket on a presidential campaign, but could make the difference in state legislative races sometimes decided by hundreds of votes. And trickle-up voting is very much a thing – if we help get voters to the polls for a down ballot candidate, those votes almost always trickle up. The converse is true to a lesser extent, sadly.


If your members are interested in pursuing work in policy or on campaigns, focusing on the state level shows you’re savvy and thinking strategically in paying attention to politics beyond the national level.

Open up Possibilities.

If we like your work, you’ll be fast-tracked for consideration to be an Organizing Fellow. This is a selective program that enables Fellows to gain valuable experience and training in highly consequential races. We bring on several Fellows per quarter on a part-time basis; a small stipend is provided. See full description here.

About the Sister District Project

We help volunteers and volunteer teams around the nation provide grassroots support to progressive state legislative candidates. We do this by organizing our 45,000+ members into local volunteer teams, which are “sistered” with 2-3 state legislative candidates per cycle. Our volunteers provide grassroots support to help elect those candidates.

We have a strategic, targeted focus on (1) flipping Republican-held state chambers (2) holding fragile Democratic majorities in state chambers, and (3) making blue inroads in badly gerrymandered states. Read more about Our Strategy,

We are endorsing candidates in Arizona, Florida, Georgia, Michigan, Minnesota, North Carolina, Pennsylvania, Texas, and Wisconsin this year. Electing progressive state legislators and flipping chamber control from red to blue is crucial for advancing progressive policy, building the bench of progressive leaders, and improving 2021 redistricting outcomes. Read more about Out States.

Our impact, at a glance:

  • In 2019, Sister District volunteers helped our endorsed candidates flip both state houses in Virginia, creating a blue trifecta for passing progressive legislation and ensuring that Democrats will draw the next decade of electoral maps in the state during 2021 redistricting.
  • In 2018 we helped flip the Colorado Senate, which created a blue trifecta in that state. CO legislators went on to have a historic 2019 session, passing bills banning conversion therapy, ensuring equal pay for equal work, providing universal state-funded all-day kindergarten and much more.
  • In 2017, Sister District supported Shelly Simonds in her bid for VA House of Delegates. She tied, ultimately losing when her opponent’s name was drawn from a ceramic bowl. In 2019, Shelly was our first candidate to declare victory. Sister District volunteers made well over half of Shelly’s phone calls, sent 100% of her texts, and raised $83,000, which was 6% of her total fundraising.
  • Josh Cole ran in 2017 and lost by 82 votes. He was endorsed by Sister District in 2019 and our volunteers raised $82,500, or 7% of his total fundraising, and made over half of his phone calls. On election night 2019, Josh became the first Black person, and the youngest ever person, elected to his House of Delegates seat