Research & Experiments

Sister District Action Network (SDAN) is the 501(c)(4) non-profit affiliate of Sister District Project. SDAN specializes in research and civic engagement, and focuses on research pertaining to voter registration, voter turnout, and volunteer engagement. Most SDAN research investigates the efficacy of a variety of voter registration and outreach tactics like postcarding or text messaging, as well as the efficacy of volunteer engagement tactics.

Voter Registration and Engagement Research

Sister District volunteers in California write postcards to voters
Research and Experiments

Downstream analysis of primary postcard studies: Does getting GOTV postcards before the primary increase general election voter turnout?

This analysis explores the general election voting behavior of voters who SDAN sent GOTV postcards to ahead of the 2020 primaries, to determine if the increase in voter turnout we observed in those studies traveled downstream to increase turnout among those voters in the November 2020 general election.

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Volunteer Research

Person texting

Friendraising works: Exploring message type and sender and their effects on friendraising

Sister District Action Network (SDAN) ran this study to explore the efficacy of friendraising, or leveraging personal relationships to raise money for candidates, by comparing two different email message frames, as well as comparing the efficacy of friendraising emails to the efficacy of traditional candidate fundraising emails sent from Sister District Project HQ.

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Volunteer Resources

Candidate Maria Collet (left) canvassing with Sister District DC volunteers

Get Out The Vote: Messaging For The Win

There are lots of field tactics to turn out voters, but any industry insider will tell you that a method is only as good as your message. In this post we review current recommendations for GOTV messaging, and research-based recommendations for messaging in general.

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Sister District Action Network inspires and empowers legislators, organizations, volunteers, and voters through civic education, rigorous research, policy analysis, and strategic convenings to engage deeply in state legislative issues.

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