purple district network

Purple Districts are Unique

Legislators from purple districts face challenges and experiences in governing that are distinct from colleagues in other types of districts. The Purple District Network is the only state legislator network exclusively focused on providing support to progressive state legislators, regardless of party affiliation, in purple districts. 

The Purple District Network is a Sister District Action Network (SDAN) program that uses a cohort model to build community among purple district legislators in order to share best practices, governance techniques, education and strategies for being effective legislators. 

Legislators in the network connect with each other through a shared database, remote convenings with their cohorts, and network-wide special events. 

The Purple District Network is nonpartisan. The program seeks to help build and develop the leadership and governance skills of state and local elected officials across the country. The program offers education on a broad range of democracy issues: from census and redistricting, to voter registration reform. 

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