Learn how giving to Sister District
will help flip states from red to blue.

Why Become a Donor

When you become a donor to the Sister District Project, you will be supporting our full-time, year-round work to:

  1. Scale and strengthen our volunteer recruitment, training, and mobilization
  2. Provide robust campaign services to our endorsed candidates and their staff
  3. Spread the word about Sister District’s work via press and social media campaigns
  4. Develop technology infrastructure to support and empower our volunteer teams

Individual contributions from people like you make up over 75% of our operating budget.

No amount of support is too small, and your help is crucial to allowing us to keep doing this critical work.

Make a one-time donation

Checks can be sent to:

Sister District Project
℅ Deane & Company
1787 Tribute Road, Suite K
Sacramento, California 95815

For compliance purposes, we ask that the following information accompany your check:
full name, mailing address, employer, and occupation.

Or become a District Defender!

District Defenders make an automatic contribution to the Sister District Project each month on their credit card.

Sponsor a Project!


Organizing Fellows are up-and-coming organizers who train with our Head of Organizing part-time for one quarter. For $500, you can sponsor one Fellow for a quarter, allowing them to gain valuable hands on experience and provide crucial support to our teams!


Sister District launched a pilot program last year to engage college students through meaningful volunteer activities. To expand to all of our targeted states this year, we need $10,000.

NYC canvassing in PA-2

Our Candidate Services Program leverages our staff’s combined 10+ years of campaign expertise to provide Sister Races with strategic support and practical resources. For $2,500, you can help us deliver a full menu of tools to one of our endorsed candidates and their staff—including office hours; website and social media guidance; field, fundraising, and communications plans; staffing support; and campaign materials.

What your donation can Help Achieve


Fund general overhead costs for one month


Fund the above + strategic campaign support/advice and GOTV costs (e.g., autodialers, busses for canvassers, etc.) for 3 candidates 


Fund all of the above + an organizer for one year who can support 20 volunteer groups to reach out to 100k voters and raise $200k for candidates


Fund all of the above + partial development costs of new tech to help us scale recruitment, resulting in a 30% growth in capacity

We are a small, lean non-profit organization.

We have low overhead (we don’t even have an office!) and we pride ourselves on using resources effectively and efficiently. Your donation goes directly to keeping our operation running so we can pay our staff, support campaigns, develop partnerships, and expand our services for both volunteers and candidates. Thank you for being part of our movement!

The Sister District HQ team.
The Sister District HQ team.

Our 2020 Strategy

2020 elections are the last chance for Democrats to gain power in state legislatures prior to redistricting in 2021, which will determine the maps for the next decade.

In the next year, we will focus on “Last Chance” races: the last elections before redistricting in 2021, in states where the legislature controls redistricting – meaning whoever is elected in the race will draw their state’s next maps.

We will prioritize Last Chance races that also meet one of our overall strategic goals:

  1. Blue Flips: chambers where Democrats are down 1-3 seats that we can turn blue in one cycle
  2. Blue Holds: chambers where Democrats hold a fragile 1-2 seat majority that must be defended
  3. Blue Inroads: states whose congressional maps would fail a 7% “efficiency gap” threshold and states that NYU’s Brennan Center categorizes as “extreme maps

Flipped States

States Sister District has flipped: Virginia, Washington, Arizona, Colorado, and Maine
States Sister District has flipped: Virginia, Washington, Arizona, Colorado, and Maine