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Purple Districts are Unique

Legislators from purple districts face challenges and experiences in governing and campaigning that are distinct from their blue district colleagues. The Purple District Network is the only state legislator network exclusively focused on providing support to state legislators located in purple districts.

The Purple District Network is a Sister District Action Network program that uses a cohort model to build community among purple district legislators in order to share best practices, governance techniques, and strategies for being effective. There are currently three cohorts of the Purple District Network: a Blue Trifecta Cohort, a Red Trifecta Cohort, and a Divided Government Cohort.

Legislators in the Network have access to campaign and governance resources, and connect with each other through a shared database, remote meetings with their cohorts, and remote network-wide meetings and trainings.

Members of the Purple District Network each have access to:

  • (Virtual for now) convenings within their cohorts, which includes programming around governance and campaign tactics and strategies as well as networking opportunities
  • Virtual convenings with all members of the Network, some of which will be organized in partnership with other progressive organizations
  • Purple District Campaign & Governance Resource Library
  • Purple District Network member database
  • Regular newsletter with policy and governance opportunities, resources and recommendations
  • Legislative accomplishment spotlights and other press/visibility opportunities

Purple District Network Cohorts

The Purple District Network uses a cohort model, which allows legislators to build community, foster creativity, and share leadership skills. Cohorts are determined based on the partisan control of the legislator’s state, which allows members to learn from peers in similar circumstances. Members can also form identity caucuses. There are currently three cohorts of legislators: those from blue trifecta states, those from red trifecta states, and those serving in divided government states.

How we choose legislators for the Purple District Network

While there are many incredible Democratic state legislators across the country, the Purple District Network remains relatively small by design, to allow for deeper relationship building and skills transfer among members. Legislators who went through the Sister District electoral program will automatically be invited to participate. We also welcome Democratic state legislators who were not endorsed by Sister District during their elections. In selecting these members, we look for legislators who won their campaigns by less than 8 points, have a progressive voting record, have backgrounds and lived experiences that build towards a reflective democracy, and were endorsed by mission-aligned allied organizations.

Insight from Sister District Candidate Alum: Dr. Jasmine Clark, Georgia HD-108

“The truth is you’re not going to win everything, even if you know you are fighting on the right side of that issue,” she continues. “There are going to be some wins, but there are going to be some losses, and you can’t be discouraged by them because any loss is just an opportunity to do it better a second time. That’s how I look at legislating.”

Read the full interview with Field Manager Ore Obiwumi and Dr. Jasmine Clark

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