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2023 Summit

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Thank you for a great 2023 Summit! Select recordings and slideshows available below.

2023 Materials

Session Title SpeakerVideo Supplementary Materials (If applicable)
State of Sister DistrictLala Wu, Executive DirectorVideo
2023-2024 StrategyGaby Goldstein, Senior Vice President of Strategic Initiatives, SDANVideoSlides
2022 ImpactJarvis Houston, Political & Organizing DirectorVideoSlides
Blitzes, Event Advance Money, Friendraising
Natalie Burdick, Sister District San Francisco
Pamela Brookstein, Sister District Greater Chicago
Creativity in Fundraising & RecruitmentBarbara Katzenberg, Sister District MA-RI
Marni Rubin, Sister District South Bay
Additional Materials
Recruiting: Persistence, Leader Development, DeputizingBrittany Jorgenson, Sister District SacramentoNotes
Keynote Fireside Chat: Messaging in 2023 Anat Shenker-Osorio in conversation with Lala WuVideo
What Creates Successful Phonebank Programs? Laura Durkin & Linda Noland: Phonebank LeadersVideoSlides
Seizing Fundraising Opportunities & Making The Ask Maureen Sheehan, Sister District South Bay
Lisa Diaz Nash, Sister District CA Peninsula
Making The Most of Fundraising EventsCatherine Grundmann, Sister District CA Peninsula
Tina Settineri, Sister District Sonoma West County
Sister District Action Network UpdateGaby Goldstein, SVP
Bela Tringali, Program Manager
Boost Your Email Game with ActionNetworkObed Ventura, Senior Partnership Success Specialist at ActionNetworkVideoSlides

Keynote: Anat Shenker-Osorio

Principal and Founder, ASO Communications

Host of the Words to Win By podcast and Principal of ASO Communications, Anat Shenker-Osorio examines why certain messages falter where others deliver.  She has led research for new messaging on issues ranging from freedom to join together in union to clean energy and from immigrant rights to reforming criminal justice.  Anat’s original approach through priming experiments, task-based testing and online dial surveys has led to progressive electoral and policy victories across the globe.

NC Rep. Deb Butler

AZ Rep. Lorena Austin

NC Rep. Deb Butler

A native of North Carolina, Representative Butler’s roots run deep in the Old North State. Growing up in NC is such a source of pride for Deb. 

Deb Butler earned a bachelor’s degree from the University of Tennessee, Knoxville in 1983 and a J.D. from the Wake Forest University School of Law in 1986. As an attorney with her own practice in Wilmington, North Carolina, she works in the fields of business and bankruptcy law.

Since taking office as the House Representative for District 18 in 2017, her constituents have decisively re-elected her three times. Representative Butler is also the current House Democratic Whip, working to push forward progressive legislation that funds local food banks, addresses pandemic-related learning loss, and increases the minimum wage so all North Carolinians can work and live with dignity. She also seeks to reduce the barriers to exercising the right to vote through automatic registration and also seeks to ensure North Carolinians can live their lives free from discriminatory policies that target marginalized groups.

AZ Rep. Lorena Austin

Representative Lorena Austin is a 5th-generation Arizonan whose lifelong love for advocacy and leadership has been rooted in Mesa for almost a century. Their family is known and celebrated in the community, serving on community boards that advocated for equity and inclusion.

Representative Austin has experience working in the public, private and non-profit sectors. They worked with Verizon’s Innovative Learning Program, bringing advanced technology and curriculum to Title 1 schools across the country. As a project manager at the Maricopa County Community College District, they designed the Maricopa Student Senate developed to enhance the voice of students from each of the ten individual colleges and placed a student on the MCCCD Governing Board for the first time in the District’s history. She also served as an Advisor for Anytown Arizona Leadership Camp.

As a Mesa native, Representative Austin has been a steadfast supporter of their community, as evidenced by their local volunteer activities with the United Food Bank in Mesa and their intense involvement in COVID-19 support to Indigenous communities located in the Navajo Nation.

Featured Speakers

In addition to Chairman Harrison, we are excited to welcome speakers including: 

Laphonza Butler

President of EMILY’s List

Maria Teresa Kumar

President of Voto Latino

Is there a cost?

As the Summit is a virtual event this year, there is no required ticket purchase. However, if you’re able, please consider a donation of $20.22 to help us cover the costs of the event and so that we can continue our work building progressive power in the states.