Today, we are thrilled to announce that we are doubling our list of candidates, with endorsements for 18 Sister District alumni in critical races. The Sister District community has stepped up in an incredible way this summer, leading to a banner fundraising year already this cycle.

As of August, the Sister District community has already raised over $750,000 for candidates, reached out to over 100,000 voters, and recruited over 800 local volunteers. With this upswing in Democratic momentum and the midterms around the corner, we are thrilled to have an opportunity to make an even larger impact.

But despite the enthusiasm from progressive activists, it’s no secret that the electoral climate will be incredibly challenging for Democrats in 2022. These 18 alumni have successfully represented the needs of their community with integrity and forward-thinking legislation – that’s why it’s absolutely critical that we support their bids for re-election.

Our 2022 alumni endorsements are:

Judy Schwiebert – Arizona House
Faith Winter – Colorado Senate
Shea Roberts – Georgia House
Winnie Brinks – Michigan Senate
Sean McCann – Michigan Senate
Christine Morse – Michigan House
Brian Farkas – North Carolina House
Ricky Hurtado – North Carolina House
Liz Hanbidge – Pennsylvania House
Melissa Shusterman – Pennsylvania House
Maria Collett – Pennsylvania Senate
Katie Muth – Pennsylvania Senate
Nancy Guenst – Pennsylvania House
Ann Johnson – Texas House
Emily Randall – Washington Senate
Claire Wilson – Washington Senate
Robyn Vining – Wisconsin Assembly
Deb Andraca – Wisconsin Assembly

These additional 18 candidates bring our total endorsement list to 36 candidates. We have less than 100 days until Election Day, and every moment counts towards making it a success. Thank you for standing with us!

Support our 18 alumni now!