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Brian Fernandez

arizona State Senate | District 23
2022: Win

Brian Fernandez is the current Representative in LD4 and is running for the Senate Seat in the newly redistricted LD23; the same seat once held by his mother, Charlene Fernandez. Brian is a native of Yuma, and went to Arizona State University. He is the grandson of immigrants who, despite their 6-grade education, worked hard to provide their children and grandchildren with better opportunities in life. They succeeded. Not only did their children go on to obtain college educations, but also developed into prolific public servants to their community. Prior to joining the legislature, his professional background is in software engineering, and he has volunteered for several political campaigns, including those of former Governor Janet Napolitano, and Congressmen Ruben Gallego and Ed Pastor. Brian understands that a strong Arizona begins with strong local communities that have ample access to resources like public education, affordable housing, living wages, clean water, and solid infrastructure. Brian is prepared to fight for the people of Arizona and ensure that those in rural areas are heard in the state capitol.

On the Issues


Our community expects high-quality public schools to support property values and local businesses today, preparing children to solve the problems of the future. Public education is the foundation of a thriving economy, freedom, and quality of life. Our schools need arts, PE, technology, school counselors, as well as rigorous courses in English, math, science, and social studies. Arizona’s teachers and students deserve both respect and support. Brian will work to ensure we’re investing to make our schools high-quality, equitable, and accountable.

The path forward includes

  • Pay public school teachers and support staff competitive, living wages.
  • Increase funding for vocational training and rural community colleges.
  • Train our students for 21st-century careers and keep Arizona’s economy growing strong through innovative, public-private partnerships with our local universities.


In the Senate, Brian will ensure our local small businesses are supported and corporations are accountable to the community, while also given space to innovate. Above all, as taxpayers, it is important that every resident enjoys the balance between keeping our hard-earned income, while also contributing fairly to the community services that ensure a high quality of life for us all now, and future generations.

The path forward includes

  • Lower the cost of housing by preventing out-of-state investment firms from taking thousands of properties off the market, so families can afford to buy their own homes.
  • Offer gasoline rebates to working families to combat price gouging at the fuel pump and provide drivers with lower cost, cleaner fuel options in the future.

Water & Environment

Arizona is vulnerable to the effects of climate change, including extreme weather and drought. As we are already experiencing, climate change will have significant impacts on our water resources and our state’s economic opportunities. In the Senate, Brian will work with all stakeholders to consider the facts and the data to make informed decisions. We must make sure that our choices today will assure access to adequate, clean water tomorrow and into the future.

The path forward includes

  • Invest in safe, reliable roads and bridges to meet the needs of our farmers, ranchers, local businesses and families.
  • Ensure Arizonans have a 100-year water plan by finding new sources and leveraging smart water conservation and recycling solutions.
  • Bring broadband and cellular service to underserved rural communities.

Legislative Accomplishments

As the representative for his district last session, Brian Fernandez sponsored, co-sponsored, or helped pass funding increases or major investments into the state and his district! These investments ensure that Arizona’s tax dollars and federal grants are benefiting all those that call the state home and not just those in power. Brian puts in the work and delivers!

  • 34 Million to expand Cesar Chavez Blvd in Yuma
    This road connects both border checkpoints as well as connecting Highway 95 with Highway 195. The federal government awarded money to expand one of the border checkpoints from 8 to 16 lanes, but all of them were dumped onto a 2-lane road. Additionally, the city of San Luis, which is growing, regularly experiences 2 to 3-hour traffic on this road.


  • 5 Million to Northern Arizona University in Yuma. This will add several bachelor’s degree programs to the Yuma campus, including manufacturing, accounting, and engineering. Not only will this change the lives of people in Yuma who are unable to go off to college in another city for a number of reasons, but it will help employers who have difficulty recruiting employees to Yuma.


  • 30 million to the University of Arizona cooperative extension to be used for water conservation in farming.


  • 20 Million to expand Jackrabbit Trail in the west valley. One of the major transportation corridors connecting the west valley communities, which are the fastest growing communities in the state.


  • 47.5 million to nurse education, nurse clinical rotations, licensed nurse training, and a preceptor grant program, a portion of which will be going to Yuma Regional Medical Center and Northern Arizona University’s Yuma campus for nursing education.


  • 5 million was provided for nonnative vegetation species eradication projects, including projects to replace nonnative vegetation species with native vegetation species and to restore habitat for wildlife along the Gila River


  • A tax credit for movie studios, one of which will be built in the Buckeye area.


  • Over a billion dollars for K-12 education as well as an increase in university funding.

Why This Race Is Important

With the momentum of the 2020 Presidential Election on our side, we have a huge opportunity to flip the Arizona legislature – and electing Rep. Fernandez to the State Senate is imperative to do so. After serving in the lower chamber, Brian is looking to continue serving his community and the people of Arizona as a State Senator.

As a border district, investing in Brian’s race allows his campaign to cut through Republican rhetoric and noise on immigration to champion issues that are truly in need of attention – funding public schools, supporting teachers and preserving our environment.

Election Timeline

Last day to register for primary: July 5, 2022

Deadline to request absentee ballot (primary) July 22, 2022

Date of primary: August 2, 2022

Last day to register for general: October 11, 2022

Deadline to request absentee ballot (general) October 28, 2022

Date of general: November 8, 2022

About the District

District 23 is a majority Latino district stretching from on the border in Yuma to Tucson, with a small extension into the West Valley.

Nested Congressional Districts:
CD 07: D+27

Past Results in District

Democrat: 56.1%
Republican: 43.9%

Democrat: 58.9%
Republican: 41.1%


Population: 232,246
White: 25%
Black: 4%
Latin: 62%

Why Arizona is important

Arizona’s Independent Redistricting Commission produced maps that give Democrats an opportunity to compete for legislative majorities, in addition to defending a number of fragile incumbents.

There are open Gubernatorial and Secretary of State elections this year, as well as a critical Senate incumbent defend election (D-Kelly) and several competitive Congressional seats (AZ-01, AZ-06).

Arizona narrowly voted for Joe Biden and elected two Democratic Senators in 2018 and 2020. It will continue to be a critical electoral battleground state from the Presidential level all the way down. It is also a democracy battleground, where GOP legislators and operatives are pursuing election subversion and sowing seeds of distrust in election administration.

Redistricting & Gerrymandering

In November 2000, Arizona voters passed Proposition 106, a citizen initiative that amended the Arizona Constitution by removing the power to draw congressional and state legislative districts from the state legislature and reassigning this task to the newly created Independent Redistricting Commission.

On January 24, 2022, Arizona enacted its new congressional map after the Arizona Independent Redistricting Commission transmitted its finalized congressional map plan to the secretary of state. The commission initially voted to finalize and certify the congressional map plan on Jan. 18. The commission’s nonpartisan chairwoman, Erika Neuberg, joined the two Republican members—David Mehl and Douglas York—voting in favor of the map. The commission’s two Democratic members—Shereen Lerner and Derrick Watchman—were opposed.

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Brian Fernandez

arizona state house of representatives | 23
2022: Win
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