October 2, 2020
Expanding Candidate Services

Sister District Firsts

Donald Trump is a trainwreck. Luckily, the work we’re doing is not. In just 6 months, Sister District has endorsed more candidates, contacted more voters, and raised more money than ever before. In fact, as I write this, we are closing in on $1.5M in small dollar donations directly to our 2020 candidates.

Introducing Our Candidate Services Program

2020 is also a Sister District “first” for another reason – our Candidate Services program.

The program leverages our staff’s combined 10+ years of campaign expertise to provide our candidates with strategic and practical support, completely free of charge.

Can you donate $20.20 today to help us ensure we can keep it running at full speed all the way through Election Day?

So far this year, we have completed over 70 special projects for our candidates. We provide resources such as office hours, call time power hours, website + digital guidance, and campaign materials. On a typical day, we help candidates with staffing, vendor relationships, paid media plans, field strategies, social media, fundraising and more.

Our candidates and their teams are huge fans of Sister District Candidate Services, and this program has earned a reputation for being one of the most hands-on and comprehensive local candidate support mechanisms in the industry.

We have 34 days before Election Day, and our campaigns are entering the toughest, most critical part of the cycle.

Help us make sure we can give our candidates everything we’ve got!