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District Defenders

Are you looking for a simple way to have a big impact?

Join our monthly giving program by becoming a District Defender!

District Defenders pledge to contribute a set amount to the Sister District Project each month on their credit card. You can give any amount―$5, $20, or more―and you can enroll in the program for as long as you like.

We count on our District Defenders as a steady, reliable source of support that helps us plan for the future of the Sister District Project. And monthly giving is a simple way for you to budget for sustained political impact.

Still not sure if you should sign up? If you become a monthly donor, then change your mind or need to update your information, you can reach out to us directly at info@sisterdistrict.com or make the changes yourself through our easy-to-use, online giving platform.

Think of it like your Netflix subscription or your gym membership. Except when you become a District Defender, your monthly gift helps Democrats win the most critical state legislative seats.