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Flipping State Legislatures Blue Since 2016

The Sister District Project works to turn states blue by winning state legislative elections. We “sister” volunteers from deep blue districts with carefully targeted races in swing districts, where flipping control of the state legislature will advance progressive policy, and help end partisan gerrymandering. Our volunteers canvass, phonebank, write postcards, textbank, and fundraise for candidates. We welcome volunteers and candidates of all genders.

Since launching in the wake of the 2016 elections, the Sister District Project has grown to over 40,000 volunteers across the country. Our volunteers have raised over $1.65 million in small-dollar donations directly to candidates, and reached out to over 1.5 million voters via phones, doors, postcards, and texts. For a more detailed look at our work last year, check out our 2019 Impact Report.

We’re also proud to be an organization founded and led by women, including women of color. Four out of five of us quit our jobs to be with Sister District full time.

We are still a small, lean startup non-profit, and we do not take a cut of the money we raise for our candidates. We don’t even have an office – we do all of our work remotely (spending a lot of time on video conference!). Your donation helps us keep running; paying staff to recruit new volunteers, work directly with campaigns, develop partnerships, and expand our services for volunteers and candidates. Thank you for being a part of our movement!


The Sister District Project activates the power, passion, and creativity of volunteers to win elections and turn states blue.


By 2020, the Sister District Project will lead the movement to turn state legislatures blue and ensure fair redistricting by empowering an enduring community of volunteers who are formidable in their ability to help Democrats win elections.


  • Integrity: We believe in doing what is right even when nobody else is looking.
  • Strategy: We are thoughtful and deliberate in forming our plans, setting our priorities, and deploying our resources, always ensuring that they advance us toward our goals.
  • Kindness: We work collaboratively and treat people both inside and outside our organization with respect and generosity.
  • Creativity: True to our scrappy beginnings, we encourage innovation and ingenuity at all levels.
  • Tenacity: We move forward with a curious and problem-solving attitude, and we do not give up.

The Sister District Team

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The Sister District Project is fortunate to have on its team an incredible group of exceptionally dedicated volunteers who help to carry out core functions of the organization. The Sister District Project is also advised by a number of experts in the fields of politics, policy, community organizing, technology, finance, law, and beyond.

What is Sister District Action Network (SDAN)?

SDAN is Sister District’s affiliated 501(c)4, that focuses on civic engagement projects like voter registration and education, and experimental research on topics like the efficacy of postcards and social cohesion among grassroots volunteers. SDAN is proud to partner with All On the Line for this book club.

This year the SDAN our book club is joining forces with All On The Line, a project of Eric Holder’s National Democratic Redistricting Committee (NDRC)! The current selection is One Person, No Vote by Carol Anderson.