It Starts with States

With the future of our democracy still uncertain, we need a powerful line of defense in our state legislatures to safeguard elections, advance voting rights, protect abortion access, and more. This year, we are working in Arizona, Georgia, Michigan, North Carolina, Nevada, Pennsylvania, and Wisconsin – and we may expand to Minnesota and New Hampshire with the right resources. This work takes all of us, and it starts now.


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Our latest research on downballot voter roll-off

Our research team has been digging deep into a hidden voter problem that is Democrats’ biggest barrier – and biggest opportunity – to taking control of state legislatures.

We have already determined Democrats would have gained control of 14 more chambers in 9 states in 2020 if they had only been able to increase their down-ballot votes by 2% or less. And, those votes could have come from people who were already voting for Democrats at the top of the ticket.

Currently, we are investigating what kinds of people roll off their ballots and why.This research has huge implications for the general election this November. In 2024, we are developing and testing messages to address this problem, and we’ll work in coalition with our friends and allies to put these messages into practice during the 2024 general elections.

The second phase of our downballot voter roll-off research was featured in POLITICO!

Volunteer to Help Get Democrats Elected in Swing States

With over 70,000 volunteers across the nation, we are one of the largest and most effective progressive grassroots organizations in the country. 

Help us build progressive power and get Democrats elected in swing states like Arizona, Michigan, North Carolina, Georgia, Pennsylvania, Wisconsin, and Texas.

You’ll also help support our civic engagement work, like voter registration and working with community-based organizations in our target states. And you’ll do it all while having fun with a community of like-minded activists!

You’ll help Democrats get elected to critical state legislative seats across the country by 

  • making phone calls to voters
  • writing postcards
  • sending text messages
  • raising small dollar donations

And you’ll do it all while having fun with a community of like-minded activists!

Our Map

In 2024 Sister District will invest heavily in targeted purple districts where we plan to make an outsized impact. 

Target States: AZ, GA, MI, NC, NV, PA, WI, with expansion opportunities in MN, NH

Nested Opportunities: Prioritize Presidential battleground states with nested competitive Senate, House, and Gubernatorial elections and key ballot initiatives

Smart Defense: Invest in strategic chambers where we break and stave off Republican supermajorities


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From all of us at Sister District, thank you for dedicating your time to save our democracy, for believing in our candidates, and for working toward a brighter future. As a grassroots organization, we know we are nothing without your endless support and hard work.

Whether you’ve been here since the beginning, donated a dollar here or there, or joined a phonebank this year-we want to thank you! Thank you for dedicating your time to save our democracy, for believing in our candidates, and for working toward a brighter future.