It Starts With States

With over 50,000 volunteers across the nation, we are one of the largest and most effective progressive grassroots organizations in the country. Join us to help get Democrats elected in swing states now!

Volunteer to Get Out the Vote for Democrats Now!

On November 2, 2021, Virginia will hold a historic general election. Early voting has already begun, so the time is now to help get voters to the polls!

Historically, elections in Virginia have served as a preview of the public’s political enthusiasm going into the midterm elections. The progressive power we build today will carry us into 2022 and 2024.

Virginia 2021 Election Dates:

  • Early Voting Starts September 17th,
  • Last Day to Register to Vote is October 12th
  • Last day to request mail-in ballot is October 22nd
  • November 2nd Election Day

You’ll help Democrats get elected to critical state legislative seats across the country by making phone calls to voters, writing postcards, sending text messages, and raising small dollar donations. And you’ll do it all while having fun with a community of like-minded activists!

Your donation helps Democrats win!

From the right to vote to same-sex marriage to abortion access, the fight for a progressive future has always been led by grassroots organizers at the state level. State policy becomes national policy, state leaders become national leaders, and states are the bulwark against an activist Supreme Court and chaos at the federal level.

Gifts from community members like you made up more than 90% of our operating budget in 2020.

No amount of support is too small. Our model is built on the idea of many people doing their part and having a BIG IMPACT together.

Our Map


Virginia: Protect and expand the Democratic House majority.
Special Elections: Endorse in strategically valuable special state legislative elections when possible.


Target States: AZ, FL, GA, MI, NC, NH, PA, TX, WI, MN, CO, NV
Nested Opportunities: Prioritize states with nested competitive Senate, House, and Gubernatorial elections.
Redistricting Commissions: Prioritize states with redistricting commissions, where we expect new maps to be fairer for Democrats.
Incumbent Protection: Invest in fragile incumbents. Incumbent protection has always been a key component of our electoral strategy. We can expect many state legislative Democratic incumbents to face reelection challenges under new maps in Republican-controlled states. We must not lose our hard-won gains.

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