October 2020 Talking Points

Current News Trump’s COVID-19 Diagnosis The Trumps have tested positive for coronavirus, throwing even more upheaval into the 2020 election. In terms of public messaging, this can feel like an uncertain arena for progressives. We recommend following three simple guidelines: Do not celebrate the President or First Lady’s sickness; this only invalidates other peoples’ suffering […]

Social Media Leader Quick Tips

From Facebook to Twitter and Instagram, social media is a great way to interact with current team volunteers, broadcast important updates and upcoming events, and even meet new volunteers to bring to the team! If you’re new to social media, Sister District Director of Communications Lyzz Schwegler suggests starting by getting comfortable with one platform […]

June 2020 Talking Points

This is a particularly important time to make sure we are communicating about current events, and the history that has brought us here, in a way that actively contributes to dismantling white supremacy.  The following guidance is intended to help Sister District volunteer leaders navigate email, social media, and other communications in a way that […]

May 2020 Talking Points

Messaging and suggested social media posts about Sister District candidates, alumni, and volunteers; and other important state legislature news.

How To Guide: Email Editor

It’s so important that your volunteers hear from you—the team leaders—with regularity via an email newsletter and sporadically via single-focus emails for specific opportunities and invitations. We suggest seeing emails as important for team-building and a must-have foundation upon which you can layer high-value personal recruitment and retention tactics—aka phone calls and text reminders—to increase […]

Newsletter Example Library

Newsletter Example Library Regular, compelling newsletters help keep volunteers engaged and make it more likely that, if asked, they’ll attend or host an event, spread the word, or donate to your candidates. Each team’s Editor is responsible for newsletter and email communications. For inspiration, and to help inform your own newsletter game, have a look […]

Local Team Communications

District Captain Policies: Local Team Communications UPDATED: 10/14/19 1. COMMUNICATIONS REGARDING LOCAL TEAM (NON-HQ) ACTIVITIES, PARTNERSHIPS, AND CANDIDATES Sister District is focused on channeling volunteer energy to support particular state legislative races that are selected by Sister District HQ. We also strive to empower individual teams to get involved in campaigns and activities of their […]