Make Change with Sister District

The Sister District Project is the most effective way to drive long-term Democratic change through focusing on flipping state legislatures. Our volunteers act as an extension of our candidates’ field and fundraising operations, taking action including:

  • Canvassing
  • Writing postcards to voters
  • Phonebanking
  • Textbanking
  • Raising funds in small-dollar donations

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What will I do as a Sister District volunteer?

Glad you asked! We have a lot more information on our volunteer activities page, but essentially you’ll be helping Democrats get elected to state legislatures all across the country. When you sign up for Sister District we connect you with your local team, which is organized and run by volunteers who live in your area. Each team is paired (“sistered”) with 2-3 Democratic candidates in a state that we’re trying to flip, hold, or make inroads because it’s badly gerrymandered. You’ll have opportunities to meet up with them and write postcards to voters, make phone calls to persuade people to vote for your candidates, attend small-dollar fundraisers and other parties, and more!

Volunteers from the Richmond, Virginia team pose with a sign

Take if from Elizabeth Warren

State legislatures matter!

Last year, we asked U.S. Senators for their perspective on why state legislatures are such a vital part of our democracy. Over half of U.S. presidents and Senators were once state legislators – including President Barack Obama! Senator Warren gave her full endorsement of our work at Sister District, because she knows that states are an important pipeline for legislators and legislation that will someday move to the federal level.