2020 Strategic Plan

Wednesday January 22, 2020

Sister District Announces 2020 Strategic Plan

Democratic grassroots organization announces their state targets ahead of redistricting in 2020.  

SAN FRANCISCO, CA– Today, the Sister District Project announced its ten state targets for the 2020 election cycle. The targets each fit into three categories of state legislative chambers– blue flips, blue holds, and blue inroads, and prioritize chambers where the legislature controls redistricting. These chambers are Democrats’ last chance to gain or maintain control before post-census redistricting in 2021.

Blue Flip chambers are where Democrats are in the minority by just 1-3 seats, and are on the verge of flipping blue:

  • Minnesota Senate
  • Wisconsin Senate
  • Michigan House
  • Florida Senate

Blue Hold chambers are where Democrats hold a fragile majority by just one or two seats, which must be protected:

  • Colorado Senate
  • Delaware Senate

Blue Inroads are states that Sister District doesn’t anticipate fully flipping. Instead, they will strategically focus on flipping critical seats to break or prevent Republican supermajorities, and form a pathway to blue wave victories in years to come.:

  • Florida House
  • Georgia House and Senate
  • North Carolina House and Senate
  • Pennsylvania Senate
  • Texas House and Senate
  • Wisconsin House

“With redistricting looming on the horizon, the significance of these state-level races cannot be overstated,” said Rita Bosworth, the Executive Director of the Sister District Project. “Now more than ever, is the time for Sister District to dig in, hold as many seats as possible, and flip as many seats as possible to ensure Democrats have a seat at the table in 2021.”

Sister District played an instrumental role in Virginia last November, where Democrats took control of the State House and Senate, garnering a trifecta in the state government. They plan on taking the energy and success from 2019 into 2020 and look ahead to many victories ahead of redistricting in 2021.


The Sister District Project works to turn states blue by winning state legislative elections. We “sister” volunteers from deep blue districts with carefully targeted races in swing districts, where flipping control of the state legislature will help end partisan gerrymandering.

Since launching in the wake of the 2016 elections, the Sister District Project has grown to over 40,000 volunteers across the country. Our volunteers have raised over $1.1 million in small-dollar donations directly to candidates and reached out to over 1 million voters via phones, doors, postcards, and texts.