Announcement of Special Election Support

March 5, 2019


Democrats take advantage of opportunity to flip vacated Republican-held seat back to blue.

SAN FRANCISCO, CA​- Today, the ​Sister District Project​ announced its support for Pam Iovino in the Pennsylvania State Senate District 37 special election. Democrats have a real opportunity to flip this state senate seat—the district has become increasingly Democratic over the past few years and played a critical role in sending Democrat Conor Lamb to Congress last year in his2018 special election. 93% of the state senate district is nested within Lamb’s congressional district.

Pam Iovino is a Pittsburgh native, 23-year U.S. Navy veteran, and served as an Assistant Secretary at the Department of Veterans Affairs. Her opponent is an anti-labor business owner who has been fined by the U.S. Department of Labor for wage violations. Read more about Pam Iovino in the attached scorecard.

“We are thrilled to endorse Pam Iovino for Pennsylvania State Senate in this critical special election,” said Rita Bosworth, the Executive Director of the Sister District Project. “If we win this seat, it will bring the Pennsylvania State Senate within four seats of flipping blue in 2020.Democrats have a real chance at winning this seat, and Sister District wants to help in any way we can.”

Sister District will be putting the full resources of its 40,000 person volunteer community into the race, and volunteers from across the country will be fundraising, phonebanking, and writing postcards for the candidate.

Sister District has grown rapidly over the past two years, demonstrating successes in 2017 and2018. In 2017, Sister District played a pivotal role in nearly flipped from red to blue in the Virginia House of Representatives. Last year, Sister District was also extremely successful in securing 13state congressional seats for Democrats in Arizona, Washington, Michigan, Colorado, and Pennsylvania. The organization has quickly turned into a force to be reckoned with, expanding to40,000 volunteer network in just a few short months, and they’re looking to make strides in Pennsylvania once more in 2019.

The special election will take place on April 2, 2019.