To Access Your Donation Data

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Each team/affiliate has a unique link to their Fundraising Portal, which has been provided to the team/affiliate’s Treasurers. This Fundraising Portal contains detailed donation data that is not available through the general SD Portal that all District Captains and affiliate leaders have access to.

The Fundraising Portal provides the following:

  • Realtime access to ActBlue information and other donation sources (e.g., checks) that have been reported to HQ
  • Donor-level information from your team/affiliate’s fundraising efforts
  • A list of fundraising resources, including forms to submit check donations
  • Terms and conditions for how and what you can use the donation information for

If you do not have your team/affiliate’s unique Fundraising Portal link, please contact Faith Lowe, [email protected].

Fundraising Portal access is only available to Treasurers. If you have not already, you should discuss with your group leaders who will have Treasurer access. You can designate more than one Treasurer, though we recommend that you keep the number relatively small because of the personal information that is available through the Fundraising Portal. You can request to become a Treasurer using the Directory Update Request Form and selecting Add Treasurer.

To learn more about fundraising with Sister District, check out our How To Guide: Treasurer