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How To Guide: Candidate & Special Guest Fundraisers

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After the success we saw in team’s 2020 fundraising for candidates, we cannot wait to continue taking advantage of the ease of virtual fundraising events. This 45-minute agenda proved to make planning and execution a breeze; having everything at a glance, planned and prepped, leaders are able to focus on enjoying the event and celebrating the success after the call wraps!


We want to flag elements of the Virtual Fundraising Step-by-Step Guide and provide additional suggestions for you to consider, as follows:

  1. Give your team 4-6 weeks to plan, produce and promote the event
  2. We suggest watching this recording of a 45min event in this model to help you visualize & plan: State Bridges Apr 7 2021 46min
  3. Plan for leaders to cover these roles at Candidate & Special Guest Fundraiser events:
    Speaking Roles:
    SDP & Team mission/story
    Introduce guest speakers
    Facilitate Q&A
    Make the fundraising ask
    Make next steps asks (e.g. join our next phonebank)
    Monitor & report on fundraising total
    Non-speaking Roles:
    Sharing screen for slides
    Sharing links, answering questions, and generally activating the chat
    Muting participants
    Security – chat, stop video, remove attendee
    Waiting Room attendee (if needed)We suggest those with speaking roles take on other roles only if necessary.
  4. Try making the ask after candidate remarks but before Q&A and follow up with a final ask after Q&A
  5. We recommend that the candidate or special guest begin speaking about 10 minutes after the official start time of the event. Candidates in particular should speak for 7-10 minutes with 5-7 minutes for Q&A, for a total of about 15 minutes. Keep this in mind when making your candidate appearance request!
  6. Activate chat during donation time (i.e. “I just donated!” “Check the fundraising total again, I just gave!” “I just used my stimulus check!”)
  7. Make sure you have language for how your guest speaker wants to be introduced (if candidate, work with your Field Manager on this and also three questions the candidate wants to be asked to help with Q&A)
  8. Make sure your guest speaker has the Zoom link to join the call (if candidate, work with your Field Manager on this)


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