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How to Guide: Welcome Wagon

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It’s important for a member from your team to reach out to new sign-ups right as they come in. Let’s activate these new volunteers while they’re hot!

Let’s call this the Welcome Wagon (WW) role.

The Welcome Wagon is one person (for most teams) who does the following:

  1. Receives new volunteer sign-up automatic notification emails. You can specify which email addresses get these notifications using this form. Could be that the WW monitors the team’s general inquiry email address and/or notifications arrive to the WW’s personal email, or both. Whatever is most direct and allows for immediate outreach.
  2. Connects personally right away with new volunteers
    • Email is decent but nothing beats a good old fashioned phone call (and/or a text!)
    • Welcome them! Find out what they want to do, make a friend!
    • Speak from the heart about why you’re doing this; help them share their story
    • Share specific options for how they can jump in, like “attend our phonebank this Sunday” or “host a text-to-donate dessert party with your friends on our Weekend of Action last weekend of September” – – find their particular fit.
    • Share the candidate pages and the state overview page. Help them get them acquainted with your team’s mission and why winning is important
  3. Decide on next steps with that new volunteer. Could be connecting with Neal or your team’s National Field Director to plan a phonebank, could be connecting with other leaders on your team to help that person host a friendraiser. Set a reminder in your calendar to check-in again within 3-7 days for follow-up support, make sure things are going well for the new person integrating and taking action.
  4. Keeps track of your volunteer list for recruiting and contact purposes.

Who will be your team’s Welcome Wagon? Have them talk with your Organizing Department staff contact to talk about these steps, design a process, and create tools.