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North Carolina Volunteers

Sister District North Carolina

Durham, Chapel Hill, Raleigh

About our team

Sister District North Carolina volunteers support state legislative candidates with fundraising, phonebanking, postcarding, textbanking, and canvassing. We’ve wrapped up a big year! Sister District volunteers and donors raised $1.85M in small dollar donations for our 2020 candidates and reached out to over 1 million voters. (You can check out information about our team’s past work below, and Sister District’s analysis of what happened in this year’s historic election.) 

In 2021, we’ll be supporting special and general election candidates and tackling other opportunities to build power in the states. Please join us! Check your email to stay in the loop, check our Featured Events page for upcoming events in the national Sister District community, and follow us on social media for the latest news.

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Sister District is a great organization working on the front lines to flip state legislative districts. Our team is currently supporting Shelly Simonds and Wendy Gooditis – both 2019 candidates for the Virginia House of Delegates. Democrats are just two seats down from flipping both the Virginia House of Delegates and the Senate, which would make the state a Democratic trifecta. Help us get these amazing candidates elected!

In 2020, we will bring our efforts home as Sister District works to make inroads in North Carolina before redistricting in 2021. We're so excited you are in this fight with us, and we can't wait to connect with you more!

North Carolina Locations

When we began, our only leadership member was in Durham, but we wanted to open the opportunity to be in Sister District Project to anyone in our great state. This led to us officially changing our name from Sister District NC Triangle to Sister District Project North Carolina. If you see our old name in places, rest assured that that is us, it's just somewhere our original team name did not get updated.

We now have two main locations where SDP NC leadership resides: Durham and Hickory. We want to expand that to as many cities around NC as possible so please, please, please let us know if you want to take on a leadership role where you live, or even just host an event or two (we always need Triangle and Hickory locations too so if you live pretty much anywhere in NC and have a great place for a few folks to phonebank for a few hours, get at us!). We will guide you every step of the way. Plus, we make it literally as little work as possible, we promise.

Upcoming Events

Our team in action


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2018 GOTV Postcarding Results

We ran two randomized controlled trials in the Fall of 2018 to determine if receiving a handwritten postcard encouraging the target to vote increased the odds of voters turning out to vote for in the 2018 general election in Pennsylvania and Michigan, and further sought to determine if those odds differed based on the postcard message.

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Phone Banking: Conquering Your Fears, Making a Difference

Until 14, I was too shy to order pizza over the phone. I’ve not met a person who likes phone banking, at first. I know I didn’t. This article is about finding motivation, building skills, and making all the difference by phonebanking.

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