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How To Guide: Editor

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How To Guide: Editor

It’s so important that your volunteers hear from you—the team leaders—with regularity and with timely information about how to take action. The Editor helps broadcast news, shares updates from HQ, provides RSVP forms and info on upcoming events, recaps events, shares fundraising and other candidate support progress, and gives shout-outs to volunteers to recognize their time and energy in a way that they know they’re seen and appreciated by the whole group. 

While email is not your first-line tactic for recruiting—it’s personal connection aka text, phone—having a regular compelling newsletter will help keep folks tuned in and increase the odds that, when asked, they’ll jump in.

The Editor is one person (for most teams) who does the following:

  • Sends two newsletter emails a month, triggered by the HQL Update

Whether you’re a large team with a MailChimp account or a small team sending bcc emails, we know this routinized newsletter process is a winner. And it doesn’t need to take too much time at all. See: Newsletter Library examples from the 2019 election cycle. For MailChimp assistance, see Getting Started with MailChimp.

Here’s how Editor of Portland Eastside’s team Al describes her process: 

The HQL Update triggers the creation and sending of a newsletter, so there’s a regularity built-in. I monitor the Volunteer Leaders Slack channel and the Volunteer Leader Facebook page for news and links to blog posts so I’m in the loop regarding current goals, news topics, and strategies. When the HQL Update arrives in my inbox, I read through and pick out things to share with the team. I check our team’s spreadsheet for RSVP links and details for upcoming events hosted by our volunteers (fundraisers and phonebank parties). If the spreadsheet doesn’t have the info I need, I’ll reach out to the host/organizer directly via text or email. Whenever possible, I’ll also do a shoutout to our recent hosts/organizers along with event photos to thank them and celebrate them for their work—this encourages them to continue hosting and can be a good incentive for those new to SDP, too. 

Our team has been good about emailing event “recaps” to one another, including $ raised, photos, lessons learned, etc.—this is another way to build content that I’ve found super helpful. If folks don’t email a recap, I reach out to them directly to get photos and highlights. Newsletters always include information about our candidates, why we’re focused on states (the SD mission), and then ways for folks to get involved. I recommend the “schedule send” feature on MailChimp – so helpful for me to draft when I had the time and then schedule the message to send at a predictable time for our team. 

  • Sends one-off special announcement or event promotion/debrief emails
  • Signs up for other team emails to keep tabs on what’s happening, how other EICs are designing/writing their newsletters
  • Updates the team’s page on the Sister District website



Every Sister District team has a web page on our website. See To edit your team page content, follow these instructions.

We’ll add your team’s Editor (and any other leaders) to get other 5 other team’s newsletters.

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